Irrigation Valve? (Not Zwave)

Anyone found a good irrigation valve?

Are you in the US or the UK? The device selection does vary somewhat.

The Fortrezz is available in both regions and is on the official “works with smartthings“ list.

The dome and Leak Gopher are also on the list, but only for the US.

Check the “other” category:

I am in New Zealand but can import from either US or UK. I have seen the Fortrezz one but was hoping for something that I could simply screw onto the tap, much like a basic timer.

New Zealand is a problem as they have their own Z wave frequency. It is illegal to use either the UK or the US zwave frequency there, as they can interfere with first responder communications. So that leaves you with zigbee ZHA or Wi-Fi options.

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Thanks. I am aware of the Z wave issue which is why I have switched it off. Looks like I may have to look for more options. Cheers

Lots of people make their own smart version by using any outdoor rated pocketsocket with a non-smart in-line valve, like the following:

And here’s a similar one from this community:

That might be the best option for you.

Thanks i will have a look

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Here is a project using Wi-Fi and a cheap ESP8266 board:

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Thanks, looks like I may need to cobble a few things together to get a solution.

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Hi, I have used a Sonoff running tasmota and a 230V valve

I have then written a smartApp switching the valve on every day for a set time. I reaslised that it was watering in the rain which doesn’t make any sence so I have used the WeatherChannel to only water if it is hot and dry. I have set the tasmota software on the sonoff to switch off after 30m of running so if I have an internet failure it won’t flood the street!

It works a treat and cost me under 30EUR in total.

This is a photo of the installation

SmartThings groovy code
My sprinkler smartapp
my Sonoff tasmota device handler

**Shopping list (Amazon) **
Sonoff Basic
Water valve
(The parts can be found cheaper on sites like aliexpress if you want to hunt around)

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I have ordered a basic 230V AC NC valve that i plan to connect to a smart plug, so similar setup. I will have a look at your sprinkler app as i am on the look out for one. Good idea to put a timer on the switch as a back up, i will probably do the same!


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