Smart water valve non z wave

Does anyone know of a St friendly water valve to run a sprlinker? I am getting full spruce irrigration next year but for now need a single smart water valve that works with smartthings

Use case is watering my lawn (sprlinker) but also mainly to make it turn on when there is movement to stop my dog pooping on my lawn. We use the lawn alot so if there is any door open near by I’d disable the sprinkler.

Non z wave as I am in Oz and can’t use zwave

I’ve searched forums and can only find z wave models

Thank you

Works well enough for me… Zigbee. Cost may be an issue to get it to yourself.


Looks good Thank you. It looks like this will work with smartthings hub and won’t need the iris hub as well?

Hopefully I can connect it up to a tap

You do not need an iris hub. I have this valve and it works great.

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If you can still find them there is the orbit one, I picked one up on clearance from Lowe’s for $10 a month or so ago:


@joelde Joel, just to clarify between the Iris & Orbit device…

The Iris device is designed for interior use by the very nature of its 2 connection points; you may have to adapt this size to AU use as appropriate. It is not programmable and only has an open & close state. It is really intended for a whole house scenario as one would typically place it immediately after the main house water shut-off valve, which is typically inside the house in the Northern Americas. Nothing however stops one from hooking up inline to an outside faucet line, but again that will typically be inside the house, and depending on accessibility , this may also dictate placement. Speaking for myself, my biggest (only) issue with the device has been mesh signal strength which I readily fixed with a repeater.

The Orbit device appears to be programmable and is designed for outside inline use by connecting it between the faucet & the (for lack of a better word) hosepipe. Again, you may need to adapt the connections to fit UA size & style. Perhaps existing users can elaborate further on the capability, suitability, and more important, the problems encountered with the device in the ST environment.


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looks like the Orbit Iris Hose Faucet Water Timer is what i’m after!

With this i could easily setup an outdoor motion sensors to go off when my dogs go on the lawn. IT’s a only a small lawn too so easy to monitor and can disable it when any door is open. Very excited to get this going!

I’m well over dog poop !! :slight_smile: