Kwikset z-wave lock not reporting locked/unlocked status consistently

I have used a KwikSet 916 lock with Smartthings for many years without issue. In the last few weeks, it has become inconsistent about reporting locked/unlocked status changes. It can miss status changes both for manual locking/unlocking or from a command in ST. The lock still responds consistently to lock/unlock commands and opens when the door code is entered. A few other points:

  • I’ve watched Live Logging in the IDE while manually locking/unlocking and even when ST picks up the status change there is no entry on Live Logging. I’ve never picked up any logging of a status change which doesn’t make sense.
  • When ST does pick up the status change it is listed on the Events List of the device.
  • I’ve pulled the batteries out of the lock and replaced but no improvement.
  • It’s currently set to device type “Z-Wave Lock”. I tried changing it to “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” but no improvement.
  • Z-Wave route looks reasonable
  • Lock detail: MSR: 0090-0001-0001 FW: 3.37

Any ideas?

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There is another kwiset user seeing issues so not sure if they are related in any way…

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Thanks JKP. Yes, the same problem.

A few other notes:

  • I’m no longer getting battery status reporting from the lock. I changed the batteries and ST still has it at 70%.
  • The Z-Wave route goes from the hub to a light switch to the lock. So I believe this meets the requirements for a repeater next to the lock.

With respect to your “other points”, I observed all the same things. Up until recently I had only ever seen missed status updates after manually locking or unlocking a lock, but just in the past little while I’ve also seen it happen a time or two after I press the lock/unlock button in the app (e.g. if a lock is unlocked and I press the button, the lock actually locks but the status stays set to unlocked, and vice versa).

Not necessarily. Just being a repeater is not the same as being able to act as the “answering service“ for a zwave lock. For example, if the light switch is about 15 feet away it might be acting as a normal repeater and show up in the Z wave routing, but it would probably be too far away to be the“answering service” (or “beaming repeater”).

I am having the same issues but with Schlage Z-Wave Locks. This just started happening in the past month. Functions work about 15-20% of the time. Locks showing locked but physically looking the are unlocked…

I just tested it out and seems like it’s much better. Only failed to pick up one status change out of 20 lock/unlocks. Maybe ST changed something on their end?

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