Random Door Unlock

I’ve had some random events over the past year with my hub - lights turning off and on, that sort of thing. I’ve actually been able to trace those back to some weird behavior with my Harmony hub and usually the harmony sending a (wrong) command while doing dumb things like pausing my DVR. Exciting times.

Tonight, however, my door unlocked itself. And since my Harmony is currently disconnected, this could only mean something with my ST hub. Except the ST hub stopped logging events about an hour before the lock unlocked (a Schlage Connect). Shortly after this, I received a notification that I had an intrusion detection - the ST hub was telling the iOS app that the system was Armed.

It’s all pretty wonky. I’m rebooting the Hub to see if that corrects the issue. But it’s a little disconcerting.

Anyone else enjoying some ghosts in the machine?

There was an outage tonight that caused all sorts of weird behavior including what you described. For me, my garage randomly opened and so did my locks. Everything seems to be back to normal for me now except for some CORE pistons.

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I had the same issue, it kept unlocking [scary!] so pulled the batteries out of my zwave lock and it is now working fine.

During the outage, my only lock related issue was that my Schlage locks did not lock automatically based on a DTH setting to lock when the doors closed. Unlocking randomly is scary business. I’m curious to know if any of you have configured any automation that under certain circumstances unlocks your door(s). If so, we may want to discuss what those automations are and maybe the community can determine if they are vulnerable to outages in a way that would cause random unlocks. My lock DTH has a setting to unlock the door if the door has been locked while open, but it was not triggered at any time.

I hadn’t planned on ever using smart locks or garage door openers, but this really settles it… No way I am ever letting random ‘smart’ cloud service issues open my doors!!!