Zooz ZEN34 configured but not triggering button-press events in logs or triggering scenes

Hi all, looking for some advice here!

I just setup my Zoon ZEN34 Remote switch, swapped to the right device handler, and configured some simple things for Up/Down press. I have also run Z-wave repair from the hub, and tapped “up” 7x several times to get it to sync. Unfortunately, when I press the buttons up/down, nothing happens. Lights don’t change, nothing shows up in the logs.

Does anyone have any advice for this issue? @krlaframboise I’ve seen you’re very active with this device, maybe you have some info you can link me to?

Thanks in advance folks!

Replace the batteries to see if that makes a difference

I will try that, but I will need to order some. This unit is brand new out of the box and I pulled the little tabs out when setting it up. The SmartThings app says it’s at 100% battery and I immediately see myself triggering other things in the logs (eg, 7-up to wake device).

Anyone else have any advice here? This is frustrating to no end!

SmartThings let’s me configure actions for everything (up/down and 2x, 3x, etc.) but hitting the button just does nothing, and nothing appears in the logs except for “Device woke up” on 7x press.

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry, but it sounds like you might have a defective device so you should contact Zooz support.

Have you tried excluding the device and then adding it back? My first guess would be that the hub node wasn’t added to association group 1 during inclusion, and a fresh include is the easiest way to try to resolve that.