Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor - can't turn LED off

I just purchased 2 Zooz 4-in-1 sensors, and I can’t seem to get the LED to turn off.

Using the Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor v2.2 device handler from Kevin LaFramboise, and have the options for LEDIndicator set to 1 on both. I have pushed the pin once on each after making the updates. Still seeing the LED.

Other than this, the sensors seem to be working properly.

Would like to get these working without the LEDs. Any ideas?

I happened to be clearing out the new list so I saw this, but for future reference, when you have an issue with a custom DTH you should post it to that handler’s topic to ensure the developer sees it.

The device is fully functional in the new mobile app, but it’s a lot easier to troubleshoot issues in the classic so the instructions below are based on you using the classic mobile app.

If you open the device in the classic mobile app, what’s the firmware and does it say that there are pending changes?

The logging results generated by the steps below will show exactly what’s happening when it tries to save that setting.

  1. Open Live Logging in the IDE.
  2. Open the device setting in the classic mobile app
  3. Enable Debug Logging
  4. Verify that the LED setting is set to the correct value
  5. Tap Save
  6. Wake the device up by pushing the recessed button on the bottom of the device with a paperclip.
  7. Wait for it to stop logging (if you don’t see anything in the logs after about 10 seconds, push the button again)
  8. Post the live logging results.

Actually - after doing that - everything is working fine. But it’s what I did before - made sure the LED setting was correct, tapped save, then woke the device with the recessed button.

Appreciate the quick response.

Just joined today, so still getting used to where to ask certain things. Thanks for the guidance.

Pushing the recessed button with the paperclip should wake the device up, but it doesn’t always. The classic mobile app has a custom tile that shows if there are pending changes, but if you’re using the new mobile app then the only way to know if it woke up is to watch live logging.

I think the device wakes up every 12 hours so eventually it would have synced on its own anyways…

Thanks - I had waited 24 hours, so I must not have done something right the first time. I didn’t realize you could even run the Classic app at the same time as the new one - since the new one was the only one I was working with after recently switch over to ST after leaving Wink.

Appreciate the info and the help. Seems to be a great community out here.