Zooz dimmer - Change ramp up / down rate?


just got a Zooz Zen22 dimmer v2.0. Seems like a nice switch and works seamlessly with my Smartthings hub. I even already found the custom device handler and installed it.
The switch has a long default ramp-down time of 3 seconds, so when you press the switch it will take that long to dim down. My older Insteon devices had ways to configure this, even with button combinations on the switch itself. I have looked through the Zooz doc and the Smartthings UI, but haven’t found anything to that effect. Is there any way to configure this? If I need to mock around with the device handler groovy code, so be it.


According to the manual, unfortunately the ramp rate is not adjustable.

These are designed as budget switches, not many configurable parameters.

Yeah, I asked the same thing. No luck.