Zooz 4 in 1 multisensor event history issue

I have this device running on the latest Zooz multisensor driver and it is only showing temperature and humidity changes in the event history. It’s not reporting motion events, what troubleshooting steps should I try? Thanks

which driver are you using?

The Zooz Multisensor driver from the Zooz Edge Driver channel.

I had the same issue and spent hours trying to fix. Try doing a zigbee exclusion. Even if it’s not paired or connected to the hub. Also make sure the battery is not low.

Then reset the sensor, remove the battery cover, press the pinhole button 10+ times on the sensor very fast. Should be able to add it back with everything working. Press the pinhole button twice while searching for a new device.

ps. Thanks Samsung for deleting all my smartthings things.

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