ZooZ 4-in-1 sensor - which is the best device handler?

Any recommendations on the best device handler for the ZooZ 4-in-1 sensor? I have been using the Rboy DH, but recently, the battery was reporting low so I switched in new batteries and now it just reports battery level as 1% and none of the sensors are reporting status updates. I have tried using the Request update button in the Smart App and pushing the tiny pin on the device, but nothing seems to be working.

I think I may need to delete the device and add it again… in which case I might change the device handler if one of the several ones out there is a better option.


The Smartest House shows there are 4 available:

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I’d report the issue to @RBoy in the release thread, he seems very responsive to bug reports.

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That’s correct, if pressing the little tiny pin hole button isn’t causing any sensor to update than the device has probably lost it’s connection with the hub. Try bringing it close to the hub and pressing the pin hole button again. If it still doesn’t update then the best long term option would be exclude and repair it. You can also try to reboot the hub and do a Z-Wave repair. That very often help iron any Z-Wave mesh issues that happens from time to time with the hub. (a good idea to reboot the hub once a hub IMHO and do a Z-Wave repair after adding a new device).

The battery on this device can sometimes take time (upto 24 hours) to update after a battery change. So if you’re seeing other activity but the is battery not updating just give it sometime and it’ll usually fix itself, there’s no need to exclude and repair it. Just a device quirk.

I did exclude it and re-add it and it was still reporting 1% battery level with fresh batteries, so I tried doing the reboot hub/z-wave repair and same thing happened. I am doing this with the sensor sitting about 2 feet away from the ST hub. I will try a different device handler to see if that fixes the issue.

Are you using rechargeable batteries, it not a handler issue. Check your IDE Live Logging when you press the pin hole button to see if the device is reporting the battery level and if so what it’s reporting.

Had battery issues as well, so I hardwired them and never looked back.


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Yep. I am using rechargeables. I had same issue with different DH. I thought if I was using good quality (eneloop) rechargeables, they would functionally be the same, but I guess not. Have ordered some non-rechargeables and will try that out when they show up. I have tried to switch entirely over to rechargeables for environmental reasons, it’s too bad not everything can use them.

That is probably your issue. Rechargeables have a low voltage (1.1 to 1.3v) and this device is very sensitive to voltage. Alkalines are great but Lithium 1.5v are the best. They will last about a year and have a very flat stable voltage curve giving you a much better picture of battery life.

See this post for a comparison of battery voltages and capacity by chemistry.