Zooz outdoor motion sensor issues

I have several of these sensors and I’m seeing issues with connectivity and performance from them Anyone else experiencing this?

I just got one and installed it this weekend. I haven’t seen any issues with it in the few days it’s been working.

Thanks, I’m working with Zooz support. Hopefully, they’ll be able figure it out.

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@brenthaag What driver are you using? The reason I ask is because I have 5 of these sensors and all of them are now having the same issue where they are not detecting motion. I’m starting to think the driver is the reason.

Something has changed in my environment. None of my Zooz Outdoor Motion sensors are showing any motion events in the history.

My hub firmware version is 046.00010. Is that the latest? If not, how do I update it? Thanks!

I’m using the Zooz driver. Now that you have mentioned it, I haven’t had any updates on motion in about 2 days. I’m going to see if changing some settings will make it start triggering again.

Sorry to hear it’s happening to you as well, but at least it helps explain my issue with all 5 of mine. They’re only reporting lux sporadically. Please keep me posted!

All… I’ve been discussing this situation with Zooz Support. They are interested to know if those of us experiencing these issues are using the Zooz Edge driver and what our settings are. It’s starting to look like a driver issue.

Please check the History on your sensors and see if you’re only seeing Lux values reported and little to no Motion events.

I’m monitoring… lux values are sporadic and motion doesn’t seem to trigger unless it’s dark (I even have lux triggers turned off)…so, something doesn’t seem to be working right.

Noticing the same thing tonight. After not triggering motion all day, starting around sunset… motion triggers are happening. Really strange.

Response back from Zooz Support…

Sometimes, the SmartThings cloud services or application services might cause these issues as well.
Could you please test/monitor this for the next couple of days and see if the ZSE29 are working as expected again?

My motion sensor triggers have been working great. The lux reports aren’t reliable, but I am not using them for anything. My settings are shown in screenshot.

Mine are still not reporting reliably. When they do, it’s usually around dusk and after dark. What Edge driver are you using? Here’s what I’m using.

Same one, it appears.

Yep. I’m really at a loss. It would be nice to see verbose logging from the sensor and see what’s in the log when motion occurs but doesn’t get reported.

If you’re only getting motion around dusk/dark, to me, that means one of your settings for motion is based on the lux setting (either via the driver or the dial on the unit). What are your settings?

I haven’t changed the dials on the units since they were installed 2 years ago. They reported motion day or night until recently. Besides the dials, where else could I check?

In the ST app, the settings have some descriptions. I set the “Lux Level Trigger” to “1”, which disables lux levels triggers and will trigger all the time (day or night). It defaults to 0, which is set on the dial. Which version of motion sensor do you have? Mine is the “version 2”. I think version 1, doesn’t allow you to set anything in the app.

After seeing your settings earlier, I did set the Lux Level Trigger to 1. It doesn’t show a setting for how often the device checks in for new settings though. As for what version I have, I don’t know. When I open the device in the app, it says Firmware = 2.

I think FW 2 would be version 2 of the hardware (and I would bet the driver knows which is which). The manual says it wakes up every 4 hours to communicate with the hub and get any new settings.

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