Zigbee switches and Alexa problems

Hi All
Im new to ST in general. I once had a house that was all X-10…(dont judge! )
I got bitten when someone gave me a pair of peanut plugs for Christmas. I read up on them and knew they might be trouble so I got the skinny on them and made sure I changed them in the app to “Zigbee switch” inside the device category.
Smart things found them and allowed me to configure them.
So then I activated the smart things ability inside of Alexa. ST hub is latest firmware.
Alexa picks everything up nicely and displays the current setup exactly how it is in ST App.
I can turn them on and off with my cell phone with the ST app…but Alexa cant seem to communicate with them.
I have tried uninstalling etc and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Anyone have any hints or suggestions?
I’m getting kind of tired of “Television lamp is not responding.” :slight_smile:

Doing some digging here and found notes that indicate that Zigbee operates on the 2.4 mhz band, same as my base WIFI. Seems like my WIFI and Zigbee may be competing for each others space, but this makes no sense to me because I can turn them on and off with my phone ( ST app, phone connects to wifi as well), but Alexa cant…and they both use the 2.4 band.
I also discovered that the ST hub does not like to be too near WIFI hubs and the thought occurs to me that if they knew this, then they might have packed a longer Ethernet cable with it. :):smile:
Just for grins Im going to move it off my desktop tonight and see if that changes anything.
Then try hard resets on Alexa and my Router.

Then maybe a glass of whiskey.

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Check your IDE and make sure that Smartthings doesn’t see your plugs as OFFLINE. I had a Z-wave switch that way until I changed the DTH and now it’s marked as ACTIVE. The switch would still work but Alexa said it wasn’t available until I changed the DTH.

Hi all,
Just checking back. For some odd reason the devices “just started working” I dont know if there is a significant delay in the IDE update or what but now they work just fine. The weird thing is that I cant get my SmartTV to connect, but that will be for another thread. I think Jimxenus had it right as the first device was listed as non-responsive.