Leviton DZPA1-2BW with ST and Alexa

I managed to get a new outlet working with ST hub, and I can control from my phone just fine. Now I’ve been trying to get Alexa to recognize that it’s there so I can control it via voice, but so far no luck. I noticed it also doesn’t find some of the scenes and routines as well. I’ve tried removing the skill, running discovery, etc. Anyone know if this is something related to zwave, the switch, or maybe Alexa in general?

I had no problem with this. I assume you are doing the following:

  • Open the Alexa App
  • Go to the Smart Home section
  • Under Devices, tap “Add Device”

From the looks of it, this goes and finds everything that you’ve already set up via the SmartThings App. I found it added devices right away. Scenes seem to be a little flaky - might take a couple of tries for those to get found. If that’s not working for you, give it a day and try again?

Sounds like exactly what I did, plus I told Alexa to go discover to see if that would help, no luck. I actually installed it yesterday and still today it’s not finding it. Maybe I’ll try and remove and add back to ST. I’m not sure if it matters, but I do have 3 ST hubs. When I Authorize alexa I pick the one my outlet is connected too, but it appears to pickup all the devices since it finds things connected to another hub.


I could see where multiple hubs might cause an issue. Why do you need more than one hub?

I have three different buildings, about 300ish ft apart so each one has it’s own hub.