Need help setting up SmartThings hub!

I recently bought a ST hub v3 in hopes to future-proof when it comes to Zigbee and Z-Wave. I use Wifi and Alexa right now but would like to use a ST hub. I can’t get all of my WeMo mini plugs to show up. 1 out of 3 did and when I tried to use it, it controlled a different device. All my plugs show up in the WeMo app and with Alexa but not with ST.

My other concern is how will I get my Bond device to work too? When looking through the app I haven’t found anything helpful and so far, this process isn’t user friendly with my things. This is my first hub so I apologize if this stuff is rudimentary to some if you.

I really need would like help instead of giving up and returning the product.

if nothing else then you can probably use the IFTTT channel and kludge to Smartthings that way. I expect that would require a simulated switch(es) in Smartthings to signal IFTTT to do the thing.

Direct integration to Smartthings, I did not see it, but did not look deeply. If it does not exist yet then I think most likely never since company direction is vague.