Zigbee power meteredge driver testing

I wanted to test one of the beta Edge drivers, zigbee power/meter, with my Frient Power Meter.

I enrolled the beta program, installed the driver, removed the device from ST (using the app), reset the device, and the re-added it with the “search nearby” option.

It found it immediately, but it’s saying “Execution location” = “Cloud”, while I was expecting “Local”.

Is there a way to check if it’s actually using the Edge driver and not the groovy DTH?

When a device uses Edge Driver,
It shows up as a “placeholder” in SmartThings IDE.

There’s a bug in SmartThings IDE that it incorrectly shows up as a cloud device.

With SmartThings CLI command below, it shows up as a ZIGBEE device, instead of DTH device, and correctly displays “executingLocally: true”.

C:\> smartthings devices [ID] -y

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Ok thanks,
so it’s definitely using the groovy DTH.
I followed the guide to switch to the Edge driver, what could have gone wrong?

An expert community member suggested the fingerprint for that manufacturer and model isn’t in the Edge Driver, could that be?


This is the only fingerprint currently supported for the Zigbee power meter edge driver. I believe this is an Ezex model. This is your problem. Unfortunately there is currently no way to manually assign an Edge driver, it has to be paired via finger print.


Thanks, I will patiently wait for the driver to be updated!