Smartthings motion sensor edge driver issue

HI Smartthings Community,

I just want to share my experience regarding this edge driver. I tried to re-install my Smartthings Motion sensor so that it will be enrolled to smartthings edge driver. First, I install zigbee motion sensor driver on my smartthings hub. Then, I re-install my motion sensor. But, when I check the details on my device list in Groovy, the motion sensor was connected via cloud. To sort this out, I uninstall the zigbee motion sensor driver on my smartthings hub then re-install my motion sensor. After that, the motion sensor goes back again to local connection. My question is, I thought all of the smartthings devices must be enrolled to smartthings edge? If I do that to my devices most of them will be connected to cloud based. Hope the community will help me with my issue.

The classic, or legacy, platform uses Device Type Handlers for all its devices. The current platform has a number of different ways of integrating devices with Edge Drivers being the final piece of the jigsaw to handle hub connected devices (Zigbee. Z-Wave, direct LAN to hub connection). The Edge drivers are now being rolled out slowly, initially for new devices, then eventually replacing device handlers on existing devices. The legacy platform sees Edge drivers, and other modern integrations, with a ‘placeholder’ device type and just presents the execution location as the cloud as it has to say something and until the Edge drivers came along cloud would have been correct for all devices. The IDE is part of the legacy platform.

So if you must use the IDE, ignore the execution location if the device type is ‘placeholder’.