New installed smart plug used stock DTH rather than Edge, so no edge?

I recently installed a new device, a THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, It paired easily, but when I checked I was surprised to find it was using a stock DTH (Zigbee Switch Power) instead of an Edge driver. Guess I assumed new devices would not pair using DTHs anymore, but obviously an invalid assumption.

Does this also mean no stock Edge driver for this device exists, and I need to find one? In the list of available edge drivers I see “Zigbee-switch”, but not one with power in the folder name. There appears to be a subdriver for power-level, but I don’t know how to check if this specific zigbee device should be supported (most of my edge experience so far is w/Zwave).

install the follow edge driver - Zigbee Switch Power Mc. remove the device and add by Scan for nearby devices… not by brand

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