Device Driver for generic Zigbee power strip?

I recently purchased a small zigbee controlled power strip and connected it all up to realize that for some reason it’s running on the cloud instead of locally. I specifically purchased a zigbee strip as I’m trying to move everything off of cloud control.

Is there a different device driver I should be using? If so, how do I force this device over to that driver?

If it’s using an edge driver, it is running locally.

If you are looking at the IDE, that’s designed for the old architecture, and the information there on devices using edge drivers is often both inaccurate and incomplete. So it’s really not a very useful source of information anymore, except to get some old parameters and device details.

If when you open the SmartThings app the device indicates that it’s using a driver, then it’s local. :sunglasses:

See point 3 in the community FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Hey JD, Thanks for that info. I’m still trying to wrap my head about how all of this comes together so it’s good to know I shouldn’t rely on the IDE to tell me the whole story.

Unfortunately, the dive is definitely not running locally. I get no little house icon when I set a routine for it and I don’t see the Driver option in the dropdown between the edit and information options like I do for other zigbee outlets I have connected to my ST hub.

Am I correct in thinking I need to look for someone that might have written an edge driver for this device. Then remove it, install the driver, and readd it?

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Yes. Or you can check the Beta drivers. (Stock drivers that have not yet been released to production.)

What’s the exact brand and model number of the device?

So this is totally an AliExpress find, which I know, means it could be anybody’s guess.

It’s listed as a LELLKI Zigbee Power Strip

When I look in the IDE it shows it as eZEX switch 1

The device data shows the following:


That fingerprint is in the standard Zigbee switch driver:

I don’t know if Mariano has since added it to one of his custom drivers.

JD, huge thanks for pointing me in that direction. It took a little while to find it, but his Multi-Switch driver was just the thing I needed. Really appreciate the help!

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