Zigbee OTA service?

Hi All,

If I want test the OTA service for my own zigbee device how can I do that? Does smart thing provides place to upload the binary file that I can download to my device?


Smartthings does not yet support over the air update, nor does it allow you to upload your own binary libraries, just custom code that fits into the smartapp or device handler structure.

OTA updates for zigbee are on the road map, but no timeline yet. Even then it may be limited to devices on the official compatibility list, that hasn’t been clarified yet.

@workmonk or @slagle might know.

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It’s a top priority. No firm date yet though.


I would sign up to beta that

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I would also be interested in any kind of a Zigbee ota firmware update beta. I have many GE Link bulbs that would benefit as well.

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