ZigBee OTA for manufacturer

Hi All,

How can we test/deploy the OTA images for zigbee devices that we manufacture? Does smart thing provides place to upload the ZigBee binary file that we can download to our devices?

This question was previously asked, but unanswered.


Tagging @tyler , but I believe this is only possible if you are part of the official partnership program, and even then they only do it for a few partners.


(Also, I would note that the question was answered in the thread that you linked to. :sunglasses: the answer at the time that that question was posed, which was over a year ago, was that at that time smartthings didn’t do over the air updates even for its own devices. They do now, but again, only for a limited set of partners.)


Thank you for the link provided.
Thank you also for tagging Tyler Lange which I saw was involved with OTA in another thread.
You are right, it was somehow answered at that time!

Hoping @Tyler will join in this thread…


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Hi Eric,

As @JDRoberts said, we support ZigBee OTA but only for approved releases. The updates are bundled in to our hub firmware updates, so there’s no way to load a one-off OTA for testing.


Hi Tyler,

Thank you for the reply.
We are releasing products now, none of our products require firmware update today.
But as one of the developer I wish to gather information for this feature.
We will follow the partner path.