Update link bulb firmware?

Hoping somebody has an answer for this. As a fairly new Wink-convert I have a bunch of Link bulbs. Recently 2 of them have fallen out of sync and don’t turn off / on correctly.

I know the bulbs received firmware updates through the wink hub - is there anyway to check their status or update them with smartthings?


At the moment we don’t do OTA firmware updates. We hope to provide this in the future.

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While ST doesn’t do OTA updates, there was word that GE were aware of the problem and were going to do a firmware update to fix the issue… is there any more news on that?

There is an update to the GE link firmware already available i believe. But we don’t support OTA updates at the moment.

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Do you know if it’s only the GE gateway (I think it’s Wink) that can do this then? I know Lightify can do OTA updates, but I expect the Lightify gateway will only have the firmware versions for their bulbs.

It’s not that we can’t do it, it just we don’t have the infrastructure to yet, it’s on the company to-do list though.


Sorry, I know that and can’t wait (in general I’m really excited about the direction of the ST zigbee implementation feature-wise). I should have qualified my comment with “at this time”. I’m considering ponying up the $30 for the Lightify gateway just the update the Lightify bulb firmware, so I was curious what hub/gateway could do the GEs. I have a lot more GE Links, so it might be worth $30-40 now if the firmware significantly improved their connection to ST. (Granted I’ll have to weigh that against the process of resetting/re-pairing all those bulbs!)

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A final sneaky question if I may, bringing back additional user support was near the top, if not the top priority for you guys, now that’s (at least partially) done, what is now considered ST’s new highest priority?

Protecting your system to not fall in poltergeist’s hands, if I were to take a guess…in absence of a concrete response from Tim, which most likely cannot respond to your question for fear of being put on a cross in few weeks…(but that was a good try though)


People have reported the GE Link bulbs to be more stable if paired through a Hue bridge. Can’t say from experience.

Wink/Hue/ST, it’s all the same, the variances in stability are more likely to be related to signal/power conditions that are local.

I would say that mine have been significantly more stable since I switched to ST but then my ST hub is in a different location in the house than my Wink hub was.

IMHO a LOT of the Zigbee in Wink problem is the WiFi . Whereas ST and Hue use a hardwired hub. Wink was always losing connection to the cloud, as I added more Zigbee devices to it, the losing WiFi connection got progressively worse.
But we are getting off topic from the original question. I still have old Wink hub and 2 Wink Link hubs , but I have no desire at all to move all of my GE bulbs off of ST onto 1 of the Winks just to see if the bulb FW updates. Not that I would have any way to know if it had updated or not anyways .

Calling wink support they’d be able to tell you. But iirc they’re supposed to update firmware immediately upon pairing. That’s how pretty much all the wink gadgets work.

Pretty sure Wink support has my numbers all blocked . :imp:

Three of mine aren’t working properly either. They respond to manual commands from the ST app but do not perform correctly during routines. Same activity you are seeing?

Kind of - for me its when I ask Alexa (Amazon Echo) to do it.

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You could see which firmware version they were on if you went into the device in the app, I’m sure we can find out the firmware version they are currently on through the IDE, move one bulb over to the Wink hub, see if it updates, move back…

I’m tempted, still have an old Wink hub, but I don’t think I’m that bothered, especially since I want to replace them all regardless, even if the firmware is fixed, too many light night power cuts and too many people switching them off, plus I want to start avoiding ZigBee like the plague.

Why are you trying to avoid zigbee?

Don’t care much for polluting 2.4GHz even more, Z-Wave works just fine.


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@Sticks18 Did you ever try to update the firmware on your GE link bulbs with another (non-ST) hub? I was also thinking of getting the starter pack, which comes with Link hub and two bulbs. $45 on Amazon. I mostly want to see if that hub will update the bulbs I already have, they drop off and back on the network semi-regularly. It’d be nice if an OTA zigbee update actually helps with that. Or maybe it’s just this never-ending degraded status of the platform…

@slagle Any chance we can expect the ST hub to perform OTA Zigbee updates anytime soon?