Zigbee motion sensor problems

I had changed all of my motion sensors from the original ST Motion sensors to Aeon Zwave motion sensors due to what seemed like a confirmed problem where zigbee devices had to be powered off and on and/or removed/re-added to the network.

Has this problem been resolved and if so in what version/update ?

The Aeon motion sensors are not living up to my expectations, the drivers are not local (version 6, not 5) and the sensors don’t trigger unless your at least 50% closer to the sensor that my STs sensors but it’s better than having to remove and replace the batteries each time my hub and the zigbee devices stop working (which it did regularly) but I want the old performance back that the ST motion detectors had.

Can’t help I’m afraid.
All my ST motion sensors went in the bin.
Just too unreliable for me.

I have both ST and Iris motions. Iris motions are very reliable. I am broke from the amount of batteries the ST sensors using.

I dunno… I have the one that came with my original starter kit, and if anything it’s too good. It detects a cat stirring on a couch 18 feet away, or a human on the same couch raising a mug for a sip of tea. I had to take it out of my living room and replace it with a Bosch, which is a bit less sensitive and therefore more accurate for detecting the stuff that needs detection.

And navt604, mine is not chewing through batteries. It consumes them a bit faster than, say, window sensors… but one would expect that.

I understand. I have all Samsung motion sensors. They all seem to freeze at random times. So almost daily, I am resetting one of them. I recently bought 4 Iris motion sensors to see if there was an actual difference, and they have been extremely reliable and very fast (instantly) at sensing room entry. The Samsung motion sensor seems like there is a delay before it detects motion.

I think because of the sensitivity issue with the older models. The newest model is not as sensitive because of false motion.
I have the 3rd generation motions and it sure is sensitive. As for batteries… Not sure what else to do.

Iv been having the same issue, random this device is unavailable on ST motion sensors and door sensor. They worked flawlessly untill a week back for over a year. Dont know whats going on. Any ideas???

Thanks folks. Any feedback from the ST staff ? Based on the small sample size of respondents to this post there still “may” be a “zigbee” problem associated with some motion detectors. Knowing for sure if there was a fix in the code that at least attempted to address this would be good to know, or if there is a workaround to address these types of issues…

I agree about the Iris sensors