Zigbee devices dropping and not reconnecting daily

Hi I have some zigbee devices specifically Cree bulbs and lowes door sensors. Every day I am
Having to disconnect my hub for fifteen min to get them to work again. It was working great and has just popped up in the last couple of weeks.

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Same here. The Lowe’s contact sensors. Every day for the last three days have to take the batteries out and put them back in to get them recognized. And again now I have a lightify RGB W strip that’s turning on randomly.

Me too. . . although if I just wait long enough most come back on their own. Was working great till just after the firmware update and all the sudden have almost every zigbee device dropping out. Iris motion, GE Link bulb, and Osram Lightify.

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I have had this since day one. 3 GE Link lights and 2 Osram garden spots.

There are known bugs for the OSRAM and Cree bulbs. GE Links have always been buggy. How strong is your Zigbee mesh? How many Zigbee repeaters do you have and how spread apart are they?

@potseeslc, @eric182, @farlicimo, @BBoy486, @rdelavega,

Please please please email support@smartthings.com and let them know.

Please reference my ticket #286581. This firmware update is junk and they need to get this fixed.

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Email sent thanks for the help

I did it a while back and got the response that it was likely that I needed a repeater or was getting interference from neighbors wifi. For a multitude of reasons (which I responded with) I don’t think that’s the case but my ticket has been silent for a good while now. I’m going to get an Iris plug in outlet to act as a repeater in case that’s the issue but don’t think it is.

EDIT: Is there a way for me to see what your ticket says? I can add a ref to it but would like to know they are similar.

EDIT2: Found your description of your ticket elsewhere on the forum and sounds similar so just cross referenced.

It sounds like you guys are having a zinger mesh problem. Battery operated devices do not normally repeat.

So, you may need to plug in some zinger repeaters.

Also, the Phillips bulbs act as repeaters when connected to the hue bridge.

All of my problems went away when I replaced my GE link bulbs with Philips hue bulbs.

I wasn’t having any issues before the most recent update, and I am very close to my wifi. My door sensor
is in the same room.

Philips bulbs connected to the Hue bridge do repeat, but only for other devices connected to that same bridge. They form their own mini network and are not available to repeat any of your other zigbee devices.

And it’s probably not a mesh problem. A number of community members are reporting that a set up they had which was working just fine prior to the recent zigbee update now is not working.

@johnconstantelo is one of the most knowledgeable forum members and has literally hundreds of devices, and has been working with support on this issue for about a week . When he reports a platform problem, you can be pretty confident that it’s not a user error. :wink:


Folks these are all issues caused by the new update. I suggest you go to the sales website and comment there to get someones attentions at ST. They have only responded to one of my 5 support request. I am having the same issues to include a brand new device I added this morning.

I’m also having problems with some Iris motion and contact sensors . And osram bulbs since the update.

Where can I get zigbee repeaters?

Almost all mains powered zigbee devices are zigbee repeaters. ( battery powered devices do not repeat as it would use too much battery life)

For smartthings customers, that typically means plug in pocket sockets or in wall zigbee relays like the smartenIT. Also wired outlets and light switches, but those aren’t as popular.

In the US, the iris pocket socket is very popular because it’s inexpensive, often on sale, easy to get locally if there’s a Lowe’s nearby, and works well as a zigbee repeater. It’s also the only device which is supposed to have a dual ability to also act as a Z wave repeater, but community members have reported that while zigbee repeating works well, the Z wave repeating is hit and miss.


And of course the SmartThings branded pocket sockets are also zigbee repeaters.


Remember that after you add any new zigbee device, or physically re-locate an existing one, you need to force a network heal. Once all the devices are paired to your network and physically located where you want them to be, just take the hub off of power (including removing any batteries) well leaving your other zigbee devices on power. Leave the hub off power for 20 minutes. Then just plug it back in. While the hub is off power, your others it be devices will go into “panic mode” because they can’t find the hub. Then once it comes back, all the individual devices will rebuild their neighbor tables, causing them to become aware of any new repeaters that you have added. This process can take a while, so you may not see efficiency improvements until the next day. :sunglasses:

Ok thank you JD,

I do have some of those plugs through out the house so I don’t think that it is a repeater problem maybe just a problem with the new update like the rest of the community is saying.


I will definitely try this, thank you.

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Don’t bother with the repeater. I have two and still have the problems since the update. I have also taken two of the open/close sensors not working and moved then near the hub, same problem.
However when all is working properly I have used the hubs to extend range and they work well.

I have plenty of Zigbee repeaters. Z-wave as well. This is the same problem ST has every few months when Zigbee goes crazy.

Until I read this forum I thought I have 4 through the GE links. With that said I have the zigbee repeater from Iris and maybe the Samsung motion sensor that I’m not sure is v1 or not.

Here is the email I received from support:
Thank you for contacting me!

I’m sorry that you are having this issue.

We are actively researching this issue of Zigbee devices dropping off the network. We believe that part of the problem may be that Cree lights and Lowe’s Iris door sensors, as well as the majority of the GE light bulbs that are experiencing this issue, are not Works With Smart Things devices, and therefore may not be compatible with our Zigbee firmware update.

As soon as we develop a fix it will be provided to all SmartThings users.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me.