ST Motion sensor just dies?

I have a ton of devices and have most of the different types of motion sensors, but i think i just had a ST motion sensor (2015) just die after just over a year? Anyone else have that?

I thought it was a battery issue, but i put a new one in, and bam. My ST motion sensors have really been an issue recently. It was just about a week ago on the 25th, anyone else have those issue w/ these ST motion sensors?

Should i just go w/ the Iris motion sensors, I like the speed of the ST motion sensors for the few places that I’m using them on.

You’re not alone.

I had one stop reporting motion about 2 months ago, but it still appeared online and reported temperature. That one and another one went offline within the last couple of weeks and I can’t get them to connect. They lasted about 15 months.

My other 3 are still working, but I’ve only had them for about 11 months. I don’t expect those 3 to last much longer, but I’m avoiding everything zigbee going forward.

My ST mini motion stopped on April 21st, 14 months after purchase. Convenient that ST only provides a 12 month warranty.

I’m down to just 3 ST branded motion sensors, and when they die I will be replacing them with Iris motion sensors. I think they’re just as fast to report motion, but take a little longer to report no motion.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was thinking the same thing, especially when ST messes around with the zigbee stack on our hubs; but I’ve actually moved almost everything that’s battery powered or bulbs over to zigbee, and the only things left on zwave are AC/mains powered switches and my sirens.

Is your replacement battery Panasonic or Duracell? Most other batteries just do not work due to the shape of the cell.

What made you change your mind?

Two things actually. First was performance compared to my zwave devices. I had an Ecolink sensor and Iris sensor on the same door, and the Iris (and SmartThings multi 1st gen) would clearly report faster. When triggering automations, or even speaking to Alexa, it was clearly apparent. That’s for both open/close and motion sensors.

Second was form factor. The Iris door/window sensors are much smaller than the Ecolink/monoprice sensors, and way cheaper than Aeon’s little corner device, and the Sensative Strips device. They’re also readily available at Lowe’s. The motion sensors are also outstanding devices, with a tiny size, very lightweight, and easy placement options.

Part of what’s helping my zigbee experience is the elimination of all my GE Link bulbs (ZLL 2700k temp ones), and my tuneable white Osrams. Those have been replaced with GE Daylight bulbs and CREE Daylight zigbee bulbs. The Osrams should be OK now with firmware updates, but my remaining GE’s and the CREE’s haven’t caused me issues at all since they’ve been installed.

What’s also helping my zigbee experience are all my smartplugs (Lowe’s) and Halo smoke/CO devices that are also repeaters.

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You nailed it @a4refillpad! I graded a energizer, and then noticed it the shape and put a panasonic, and it is back up and running. I have seen it say Panasonic or Duracell before, but i just spaced on it.


I tried a Duracell replacement and it seems to work now. The strange thing is that the old battery was an Energizer and worked just fine for months before the sensor crapped out, and it still measures 3 volts with a voltmeter.

I just had one fail and no matter what I try ( reset, remove/add etc.) all I get is temp and battery reporting. They all seem to get to 67% battery after a year then stop working (low battery) but never report lower than 67% before that happens. I prefer the old AA style.