Zigbee Light Bulbs Not Pairing w/ Version 1 ST Hub

So I was in the aisle of Home Depot the last week, and the Cree Connected bulbs were on sale. I picked up two to install on my front and rear porches to automate them. I couldn’t get either one to pair. I follow the reset procedure about a dozen times for each bulb. I tried using the light fixture in the same room as the hub to ensure that the bulbs were close enough.

After loosing an entire evening to trying to get them to pair, I decided it must be the bulbs. The next day I returned them to a different HD and pick up two more from their stock. Same issue. Neither would pair. I returned those two as well.

Now that I had it in my head I looked on Amazon, and found that I could get a 4-pack of Sengled Classic A19 bulbs for only a few dollars more than the Cree Connected bulbs. They arrived, and I have the same issue. They will not pair or even be discovered by my ST Ver. 1 hub.

Am I missing something simple? Both of these bulbs have decent review, many users reporting to use them with SmartThings, and specific support within the SmartThings “add a thing” interface. Many of the more critical review mention difficulty pairing, and needing to reset the bulbs repeatedly to complete the pairing process, but it seems like eventually everyone gets them to pair. I am zero for eight bulbs.

Any ideas?

I paired 2 of the Cree yesterday just fine with hub v2, but the trick was scanning from the hub when doing the reset procedure. Did your cree bulbs turned off and on by themselves when the reset procedure was completed?

How many ZigBee devices do you have attached to the hub already and what are they?


@borristhecat -

I have two SmartSense Presence Sensors, two SmartSense Multipurpose Sensors, and one SmartSense Moisture Sensor that all came with the V1 Hub as part of the KickStarter Package. Since then I have added one Samsung Multipurpose Sensor as part of this new lighting project, and it paired without issue.

Other than that I have three GE Z-Wave Plug-In Appliance Modules and two Zooz Z-Wave Zen15s.

I dunno about the Sengled bulbs, but resetting the cree connected bulbs is a huge PITA to do correctly.

Did they blink each time you tried to do the reset? If they didn’t, the reset didn’t take.

I’ve had a few zigbee bulbs connect d my ST v1 hub without any real issues (cree and sylvania).