Can't connect GE Link or Cree bulbs

Purchased my ST earlier this week. Was able to easily pair the multipurpose sensor and a monoprice z-wave door sensor. However, cannot get either a GE Link or Cree bulb to connect. I’ve reset both bulbs a dozen or so times, but they don’t show up when attempting to connect a new device.

Hub is about 7 feet from my wifi router. 2.4ghz on wifi is set to channel 1, IDE shoes zigbee at channel 24. I’ve removed and repaired the multipurpose sensor twice to verify that zigbee was working, and both times it showed up instantaneously when connecting. Support has been slow and not much help, just pointing me to articles on how to reset the bulbs.

Anybody have any tips or tricks they can suggest? Without being able to control the lights, the ST doesn’t seem too appealing to me.

How close are the bulbs to the hub when attempting to pair? Try putting them in a lamp real close to the hub. You can always move them to their permanent home after they’re paired.

I dusted off an old lamp and I’m trying to pair them within 2 feet of the hub.

Have you seen this thread, specifically the last bit, might have some helpful info:

thank you for pointing out that post! Same EXACT situation I have. I followed what was done and was able to connect both my Cree and GE Link bulbs to my hub at work. Headed home so I’ll see if the connection holds!

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VERY interesting… thank you for letting us know, we are probably going to see more of this then…