Zigbee GE Smart Switch Operation issue


I have installed a GE Zigbee wall switch (45856GE) and its add on (12723) in a 3 way configuration. The add on switch works as expected, however, the main switch works intermittently. I can’t establish a pattern on when the switch works or not.

I have checked the wiring and although not an electrician I believe everything is as it should, I have pair the switch using to the ST Hub without issues. Has anyone experienced a similar issue with the main switch? Is this a wiring issue or a defective switch problem?

Appreciate any help.



Can you post a diagram of the circuit?

Hard to rule out an issue with the wiring without knowing that.

If the add on switch an ST are working without issue, the only things I can think of is that it is an internal issue with the switch where the toggle may not physically be making a contact when you press on it - but I’ve never taken one apart, so I can’t really offer guidance on troubleshooting.

The add on wouldn’t recreate the problem since the command is sent via the traveler - kind of like having a broken power button on the TV but the remote still works.

Guys, yesterday I tested the switch several times and it worked 100%, it looks like a factory defect to me and I will be doing more tests today, thanks fro your answers!