GE zigbee in-wall dimmers (45857GE) re-added to ST and not responding to manual operation

Hoping someone can help me out. Here’s the situation. I have two GE zigbee in-wall dimmers (45857GE) that I had on ST initially, then moved over to Hubitat for a while to test it out, then moved back to ST. I factory reset them, then tested both manually and they worked fine. Then when I added them back to ST, the manual operation no longer works. They work fine with smart lighting routines, but manual operation does not work. Please note that both switches worked perfectly when they were on ST the first time, and when they were on Hubitat. It was only when they were added back to ST that the manual operation no longer worked. I’ve factory reset both switches multiple times and added them back to ST with the same result each time. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

Same here :confused:

If you unpair from ST, the manual operation works again? Have you tried hitting the opposite paddle than you expect? Down for on and up for off? You might have it in upside down or accidentally reversed the setting while pairing/unpairing/pairing/unpairing/pairing.
Also, what DTH are you using for it?

The DTH is “ZigBee Dimmer Power” which is what I’m using on a 3rd dimmer that has been on ST since it was installed. Haven’t had any problems with it.

Nothing is upside down or working in the opposite manner. As soon as I remove them from ST manual operation is fine. So weird.

Did you try removing and readding to ST and it still does that? I would call support.

Sure did. A few times with each switch. I’ll call support in th AM. Thanks for the help!!!

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Any luck?
I had the same behavior with * model: 45856 - manual operation works now but I re-added.
I will check again later with model: 45857 - I erase and re-add it, for me works fine now.
However, lately platform shakes.

Haven’t had time to call ST support. I’ll try to find time tomorrow and will update this thread as soon as I get a resolution from support.

Issue resolved! We had a power outage on Friday night. When the power came back in both lights worked correctly. Manual presses now operate the lights as they should. My guess is that pulling the air gap switch doesn’t actually cut all power to the switches. If you are still having issues I would turn of the breaker that the light switch is on. Wait a few minutes, then turn it back on. If that doesn’t do it, try turning off the breaker for the switch, hub, and router, pull the batteries from the hub, wait a few minutes, and turn them all back on. Hope that helps!!!

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