Ge/jasco Zigbee wall switch locked out at switch

Periodically I randomly get locked out from turning on lights at the switch!

Sometime pressing off clears the problem, other times turning on the light with the iPhone app clears the issue. This has been happening for over six months.

Which model?

45856ge model

OK, when it first came out, that device had a known SmartThings issue where the physical switch was sending a code that was 8 digits long but ST was only processing the first 4 digits, which meant that an On was ignored. However, if it’s properly wired it should still have controlled the load at the switch unless you’ve set it up just to be wireless.

This is now an officially supported device, so the first thing I would do is contact support. You might also point them to that forum link so they can check and make sure that’s been fixed in the official device type. I assume it has, but it never hurts to check.

Hi! If you have used the “community” device handler, remove the device from ST and then make sure you delete the DH (device handler) from IDE first.

Otherwise, it will continue to use the community DH. That was my issue. The official DH is working without issues on my end. Instant ON/OFF status and reporting.

Good luck.

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my zigbee switches are now using “GE Zigbee Switch” device type, i think they were originally using something more generic.

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