GE Smart Switch Toggle 12727 not working since outage

I saw a few others state they had issues with devices since the outage, but their issues seemed to be resolved. However, mine will not work.

Quick summary, I have the GE 12727 switch and an add-on switch controlling some lights. They have worked flawlessly for months, so improper wiring is not the issue. But after the outage a few days ago they have not been working. First, the switch will turn on/off the lights manually, but it will not respond to SmartThings. Then they stopped working altogether, i.e. manual switching does nothing. I have tried the exclusion method, I tried resetting the switch, and then I did a forceful removal of the device. SmartThings would not detect it to add it again. So, last night I did a reboot of the hub, and it worked! I was able to add the switch back into SmartThings and have it work through manual, SmartThings app, and Alexa. Great, right?

Woke up this morning and it is back to not working. Not even with manual switching. I have only had this for about 4 months, so it is within its warranty. But I’d prefer to be able to fix this, rather than wait for replacements and redo wiring. Any suggestions?


This has worked for me when the switches end up in that condition. Do a general device exclusion on it to make sure it’s gone. Cut the power at the circuit breaker. Turn circuit back on. Discover the switch (toggling on/off). Make sure Device Health is turned OFF in the mobile app!

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My GE 12xxx devices are dropping like flies. Support refused to help because I was using custom DTHs… I’m currently in process of swapping device handlers to defaults to reopen tickets.

@Brad_ST this issue is starting to pop up in various threads. ZWave (non plus) switches from both GE/Jasco and Leviton… My first instance was tied to the last firmware update. (coincidental yes, but…)

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My focus has been pulled away to other priorities but I took a quick look. I only see one Z-Wave device offline and it’s not a GE. Is it intermittent or did you do something?

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Have you run a Z-Wave network repair? What is your Z-Wave network like? How many devices? Distance from Hub? etc.

How do I make sure my Z-Wave devices are routing optimally in the SmartThings Classic app?

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Yes repair run 3x and I have a VERY strong mesh. >30 ZWave/ZWave Plus devices in ~8 rooms, 2800 sqft. Single story.

Ive dropped 2, maybe 3 Jasco/GE 12xxx devices since the last FW update. Before then it was rock solid. My 14xxx and 2xxxx devices seem ok.

Same symptoms others are reporting. Local Control at the device OK, Device reports status OK, will not respond to commands issues from the hub

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And they don’t report offline. They just stop responding. If you’re looking at my setup, Check out my Master Bedroom Closet. It’s a 12xxx switch that has been in this state for a couple weeks. BTW I don’t expect them to show offline because I run device health due to the false offline reports.

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Either the switch is bad or no power to it (breaker tripped ?) or some wire not making contact or lights went bad.


This is what’s happening in my case. After a power outage, a switch that has been working great no longer works manually. I did replace the bulbs with Phillips Hue, but I’ve removed the bulb and replaced with a standard bulb, but still not working. The switch is also not connected to the Hub, so it’s not a matter of restring the hub, I don’t think.

I just bought this house in April and have been trying to reset and connect the hub, but most switches are no longer connected. We’ve also had 2 other power outages before this one (but before we installed the Phillips hue bulbs) and there has not been a problem until now.

The other switch on the same wall works fine. The other switch with Phillips hue bulbs also works fine. I’ve flipped the breaker — no change. I’ve removed the Phillips hue bulb and associated room — no change.


  • did the Phillips hue someone impact this?
  • if the switch is bad, I’m not qualified to do electrical work. Do I need to call an electrician?


To verify, is it the exact model switch mentioned on the thread header - GE 12727 toggle? And as to ‘outage’ what kind? SmartThings? Internet? Electric?

If it is indeed the same switch, then, Yes the device dead at the switch not operating a standard lamp generally meas the device is dead. You may try killing power at the breaker for a while but id put money on dead switch.

Id you do not feel qualified to be working on electrical, please hire a qualified electrician.

As to your Hue question - still assuming the ge 12727 Smart switch. Do not operate a smart bulb in a circuit that is operated by a smart switch u less the switch is SPECIFICALLY designed to operate in ‘smart bulb’ mode (Inovelli, Zooz, others all have such devices). In this case no it would not kill the switch. It actually eventually damages the bulb. Smart bulbs are designed to always have current even ‘off’

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Thanks for your help.

So that I’m understanding correctly, I should probably not have Phillips hue bulbs in the light fixture controlled by the smart switch?

Correct. Do not use smart bulbs at all in fixtures controlled by smart switches UNLESS the switch specifically is designed to handle it.

One last thing, it’s a rocker switch, not a toggle. I’m not sure the model number: GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch