ZigBee Devices stay in TURNING ON mode and never turn on

As of this evening ST’s has been unresponsive. My ZigBee wall outlets are not responding. I hit a light to turn it on, and the button says TURNING ON, but the lights never turn on.

I have ran a network repair, rebooted my V1 Hub, and rebooted my modem and router for good measure.

I NEED a solution and it’s beyond frustrating. Especially since over the last 2 nights I had a garage door opening most of the night. I would hear it and wake up and have to close it. That’s not good either, but I will deal with that in a separate issue.

It sounds like intereference to me. Do you have a WiFi router, cordless phone or any other 2.1 GHz device close to the hub or the outlets? How far are the outlets? How many powered Zigbee devices do you have in total? How are these powered devices distributed?

The smart things hub is a white plastic box that actually runs two completely independent networks, Zigbee and Zwave.

The network repair utility only works with Z wave.

To perform a similar function for your Zigbee devices, unplug the hub (and take the batteries out if it has any) and leave it off power for at least 15 minutes while leaving all of your other devices on power. This will cause the end devices to panic as they realize the coordinator is off-line.

When you then put the hub back on power, each of the zigbee devices will rebuild their own neighbor tables. This will also cause your hub to re-sync with your cloud account.

You may not see the full positive impact until the next day.

I’m not saying that has anything to do with the problem you’re seeing tonight, just that that’s how you do a network heal for Zigbee, which is the equivalent of a Zwave repair.


Thanks guys. I know the network repair utility is for Z wave but I ran it anyways. I know what the protocols are. In any case, i’m not sure it’s interference because we have an experience this before. I’ll address it is in the morning as I’m just getting home and it’s nearly 1 AM. I do appreciate the suggestions and the replies and I’ll follow up in the morning.


Update the device in the IDE or temporarily change its name (then change it back). This is what had been working for me when the database was having issues. Haven’t had to do this now for a couple of weeks.

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Starting to investigate further, but no interference. These devices are spread to create a mesh and have been working without exception for well over a year.

I’m trying a hard reboot now that I have some time. I have it powered off for 30 minutes and will try powering the hub now and will let you know. If that doesn’t work, I will try mooch91’s suggestion.

Thanks all.

The hard 30 minute reboot didn’t work. I’ll try renaming and then deleting then and re-adding them if need be. I’ve identified 4 that just stopped working out of the blue.

That may also help. Let us know …

Did you enable insecure rejoin in the IDE recently? I know there are a few threads about zigbees just dropping off the network and this sounds like what happened here. All my zigbee are battery powered so a simple batt pull fixed them.

These are all wall outlets. 4 of them dropped and I no longer can control them. I have a few other wall outlets that are Zigbee that still work, so I’m baffled. I will have to delete these 4 and rejoin them later tonight. It’s a real PIA as each of them belong to about 5 Routines, so they all have to be modified as well. :frowning:

What device is it? Is there a way to kill power or reboot it?

I had a buddy with a bunch of zwave switches not working, pulling the airgap for a minute allowed to reconnect.

They are all wall outlets plugged into normal household outlets on Zigbee. As of this evening all Zigbee devices have stopped working. I don’t think there’s anything I can do with these smart outlets except for to pull them from the plug wait and plug them back in and see if they reconnect. Other than that I guess I’m removing them from all of their smart apps and then smart things and then re-adding them all. More to come.

OK, a couple of questions.

You probably already did all this, but just to be sure…

When you did the “hard reboot” did you unplug the smart things hub, including removing the batteries if it has any, but leave all of the other Zigbee devices powered on? The devices won’t resynch if they are also off power while the Coordinator is off power. And if you leave the batteries in the hub, you won’t resynch either.

Second, have you checked The IDE to make sure that the zigbee radio is in fact online? If it’s not, you will need to contact support, there won’t be anything you can do from your side. The entry should look mostly like this:

Values may be a little different, but all of the ones that refer to the zigbee radio and say “true” on mine should also be true On yours.

This is also very similar to the problem I am having. Multiple Smarttings power controllers, all ZigBee, plugged into standard household wall sockets. The ZigBee radio is obviously working since it can command other ST power controllers… but just not these. Did a hard reboot of the hub last night – and no joy in fixing things.

Next step I guess is to do the remove from ST app process, and reinstall the devices. Which is a royal PITA since to do this right, you need to pull the controllers out of the sockets to unpower them, which involves crawling under desks and behind couches.

If they are plugged in outlets you can unplug them and plug them back in. One trick I have found is if you have ST in discovering new devices while you reboot them it will re-add them behind the scenes. Not sure if it really works or a placebo effect, but I still do it.

I also had to reboot my hub this afternoon, I had issues adding new zigbee devices. Once reboot was done I was able to add them no problem.

That doesn’t mean the next door neighbor didn’t recently install the mother of all extenders to screw with your mesh. Been there done that. Have you actually surveyed your home for wifi channel interference?

Here’s what I have,

My Hub is v1, so no batteries. When I unplugged the power (the USB), I left it of for 30 minutes and left the Zigbee devices plugged in. No luck. I had the rest of my Zigbee outlets drop off today. Now all are stuck in the Turning On or Turning Off mode.

All of my Zigbee devices are these: https://shop.smartthings.com/#!/products/samsung-smartthings-outlet

The thing is, I don’t have a “true” statement for either Zigbee or Zwave, but ZWave works (my Hub is v1).

The rename didn’t work. :frowning:

You know what, I just realized that I have the same problem with my zwave switches. If I try to turn them on from the app they stay on ‘turning on’ but nothing happens. I don’t use the mobile app. All my automations are working fine. It might not be your zigbee, but the mobile app.

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