Lost a ton of devices from multiple brands

I wonder if anyone has a suggestion. A few days ago I noticed some of my routines weren’t firing. When I finally went into the app today (true in both apps) I have several devices that are completely missing (Zooz switches) but also all my z-wave shades are “offline” even though they’re battery powered, and one of my Samsung buttons is now “offline.” I have a v1 hub. Any thoughts? Thank you!

You might try rebootIng the hub in IDE. If still not working, see if there are any error messages in live logging or hub > events. If only z-wave devices, check is z-wave radio is still active in IDE.

And report the incident to ST support.

Thanks for the tips. It’s not all z-wave devices and I did reboot twice but unfortunately nothing helped. I did report to Support hopefully they can help me out.

I just helped a neighbor that had some ‘offline’ device issues. he had a brief power outage that might have caused the issue. he has over 100 zigbee/zwave devices. in the end we deleted all the devices and then deleted and re added the hub. first adding in all the zigbee router/repeaters and the all the endpoint devices. so far so good.

something to keep in mind, esp with the v2 hub, is to reboot thru the IDE. don’t disconnect the power from the hub to reboot, especially if the hub does not have batteries in it.

Understood. If I have to do that I’ll upgrade to v2 or v3 but some of my shades are VERY high and re-pairing those will be huge pain.