Zigbee devices on and off line often (new problem late Sept 2018)

For the last4 or 5 days I have had Zigbee devices of different types go offline and Online within hours or days. Sometimes I can get the device online if it is a switch by turning it on and off. With devices that are not switches or receptacles I can either wait or pull the battery. Sometimes the later works and sometimes I have to just sit back and wait.

Having exactly the same problem…

If it happens again I will contact support.

I’ve had the same issue with a few of my devices. They would stop working but a few hours later, start working great again.

This has gotten more prevalent in the last week or so.

I suppose i’ll Pile on here… noticing the same issue. In my normally solid zigbee network with 20 or so devices, mostly battery powered, I am noticing various devices go offline, then come back on their own a few hours later.

Normally I think there is a baseline level of zigbee connectivity badness due to local interference, etc. so these threads may just be a reflection of that baseline. But I’m having issues now that aren’t typical for my network, so here I am.

Same here. I’ve been running about 25 Xiaomi zigbee sensors and Ikea Tradfri bulbs for over a year without any sort of issue, and now, all of a sudden it’s chaos. I have 6 disconnected sensors right now. Tried everything. Rebooting the hub and leaving it like that for several minutes. Overriding each sensor. The next step I guess would be to take out the batteries from each sensor but that would be a huge pain. I really hope it’s something that can be fixed easily.

Maybe time to report it to support.

I had two of the water sensors I bought on sale at Lowes go offline and I still have one motion sensor that has been offline for days. I will try the battery removal tonight. The last time we had these issues, I screwed up a few of my motions fiddling with them trying to get them back online. Cost me a few hours of life.

I contacted support. No answer so far, but it’s only been a day. In the mean time I took the battery out of one of the contact sensors, and put it back in. That seems to do the trick. It’s working again. Still hope I don’t have to do this for each and every one.

Hi everyone… Today all my Zigbee devices went offline… I am using Xiaomi sensors and Ikea Tradfri bulbs… All offline in half an hour without any log messeges… I was able to reconnect some bulbs with “reseting” them (other bulbs are offline for 10 hours now) but Xiaomi was more problematic (I had to remove them from SmartThings and pair them again). This happened to me last year also. Z-Wave is ok.

What about beta firmwares? It looks like there are no fixes related to this issues :frowning:

So, I finally got a response from support. It was pretty useless. They said the wi-fi 2.4ghz signal is interfering with the zigbee signal and I should change the wi-fi channel from 6 to 1. I have a Tenda Nova Mesh Router and I can’t do that because the 2.4 channel is fixed to 6, so that’s not an option for me. The good news is that my Xiaomi sensors came back online by themselves. All of them. My Tradfri bulbs came back online too, all except one that I had to manually reset. For the moment everything is ok, and I sincerely doubt it was interference. More likely I think it has something to do with migrating to the new samsung app. It was too specific for interference. All the contact sensors disconnected at one, then came back. All the temperature sensor disconnected at once etc.

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