Zigbee Devices going offline and online all night (July 2019)

Overnigh 7/5/2019 starting around 12:48 AM Central time my Zigbee devices in my Michigan and Illinois locations started to show offline then bounce to online and then go to offline again. Mostly they were Centralite and Samsung button devices that I see over 100 offline online events for. Which generated a lot of alerts on my phone.

These events are still happening as I type this. I have tested the devices which show offline and they appear work. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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Make sure you report it to support.

Reboot the hub, power cycling may be required. My centralite are not doing this…

It was across a total of 3 hubs two in Michigan and one in Illinois, The offline issues seems to have stopped at 5:00 pm Central time which tells me it was something on the SmartThings side. Based on my logs it seems to be only devices that had “local” zigbee device handlers and also extended to my peanut plugs and Sengled light bulbs during the day today. I am going on 1 hour now with no more offline events.

I sent support a notice this morning and haven’t received any response as of yet.

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