Zigbee devices all dropping off randomly after update

Is it just me or has the zigbee network become very unreliable after these recent hub updates? I have gone a good year without any zigbee issues (with exception of xaiomi), but all of a sudden in the past week I keep having to repair some of my lightify, tradfri, and sengled. I also have one cree connected that just decided to unpair and no matter what i do i can not get it to pair again. So I had to replace it with a new sengled I had.

What is going on here? Why am I suddenly losing all these devices seemingly randomly? All these bulbs have never had an issues for as long as I have had them (only the lightify sometimes need a power cycle, but never a re-pair). The Tradfri are the most pain because I have to also re-pair the remote I use with those bulbs, something I have not had to do since I first bought them.

Am I going nuts here? What is causing this? I’m seriously regretting investing in zigbee. The zwave stuff is all stable with no issues.

Evening. Have you heard anything about this or have you found a way to fix this? I am so frustrated right now! My system was working great for quite some time and within the last month or two, I can’t keep devices connected. I am seeing the same things with my Cree bulbs as you. I tried moving my Hub last week and it seemed to work for about a day.
I then went out and purchased 2 Zigbee repeaters and one of them won’t even stay connected. So tonight I moved the Hub yet again and it seems most everything Zigbee related is offline. Any ideas or resolution?

I checked my zigbee radio channel (you can’t change it) and compared to my wifi channel. Then changed my wifi channel as far off the zigbee one asi could. Seemed to help. I have since added 5 more repeaters throughout the house. That also seemed to help a lot.

I have been mapping out my zigbee network to troubleshoot, which has helped a lot in determining problem areas.

Good luck.

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Hi! I’m curious what you bought that’s a repeater? I have almost 20 zigbee devices offline right now, even devices near the hub. I have the newest hub but the one just before they released the WiFi hubs.