All Zigbee Devices Go Offline and Stay Offline

Recently (in the last month) all my Zigbee devices will go offline and will not come back online.

All Z-Wave devices are 100% fine.

Most of my Zigbee sensors are Samsung brand multi sensors and water leak sensors.

The only way to get them back on (temporarily) is either to power down the hub for at least 30mins or take the battery out of each device, wait 30 seconds, and then put the battery back in.

When they do come back online, they are online for anywhere from 4-12hrs and then they’re offline again.

I’ve tried changing channels, it was on 18 for years and I tried 25 and others that are away from my 2.4ghz WiFi network.

I have a SmartThings v3 hub and it seems like a problem with the Zigbee chip/radio or a driver update that broke something.

Several of the Zigbee devices are within 5ft of the hub, so I don’t think it’s a signal strength issue. Again, I’ve had this setup for several years without problems.

At this point I’m unsure how to continue troubleshooting the issue.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Have tried repairing the offline devices. With Zigbee devices you will NOT lose your automations during repairing.

How do I run a Zigbee repair?

I didn’t see that option in the SmartThings app or the Advanced Web site.

The only repair option I see is for Z-Wave.

You run a Zigbee Repair by shutting off you ST hub of 30 min. If you have a v2 hub make sure you remove the batteries. Make sure you leave all your Zigbee devices powered up during the repair.

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Yes I’ve tried that.

Leaving the ST hub unplugged for 30mins or more will normally bring most of the devices back online after a restart.

However it’s not instant. I normally start seeing them come back online after 20mins or more but sometimes it can take hours for them all to show as online.

Then they only stay online for 4-12hrs before going permanently offline again.

I’ve left the hub unplugged overnight, then plugged it in in the morning. Then waited for all the devices to show as online. Before the end of the day they are all offline again.

I’ve tried waiting an entire week and they’ve never come back online. At least not without changing a hub setting, or changing the Zigbee channel or a reboot of the hub.

For at least the past 6 months I have noticed that many battery powered Zigbee devices go offline for a period of time (10 - 120 min.) after a hub reboot. The latest was caused by the Firmware updates on Monday. I have 2 locations with v2 hubs and I see it at both locations, so that appears to be the new norm. I don’t remember that happening before Edge.

But your Zigbee devices going offline every 4-12 hrs. is certainly not normal.

From your 1st post it appears that all your problem devices are battery powered. Do you have a good number of AC powered Zigbee devices (excluding bulbs) in your system to create a stable mesh?

I had a Zigbee door contact go offline last weekend for no apparent reason. It is located close to my ST hub, but my WiFi router is located between the contact sensor and the ST hub. Repairing it brought it back online and it has been fine for several days.

As suggested a few posts above, I would try re-pairing some of your problem devices to see if it makes a difference.