Zigbee 3-gang Child Switches not Accessible

Hi All,

I couple of days back all of my 3 gang zigbee light switches stopped working.
I then realized that Web UI has been updated and now relies on drivers for handling devices.
I managed to get the invite links for all my switches and proceeded to install them all using the provided drivers.
The problem is that I’m only able to control the “main” switch though the app, the child switches (switch2 and switch3) do not show up in the app at all but I can control them through the advanced Web UI.
There does not seem to be many options to configure anything with these child switches?

With the stock driver the 2nd and 3 gangs only show up on the detail page of the main switch.

If you want seperate child device tiles you will need to switch to a community developed Edge Drive with that has that function.

The “zigbee Multi switch and child mc” Edge Driver might work.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the info.
Unfortunately these switches do not seem to accept community drivers.

However, It seems I may have found a work around as the child switches seem to show up in routines.
I’m going to create a virtual switch that activates a routine to switch the child switch.
Will give it a go once I’m home again and post an update.

That error means that @Mariano_Colmenarejo needs to add the fingerprints to his driver. Post the fingerprints. He is usually very good about helping.

Virtual switches are a good work around, until you get a better solution.

Hello, what does fingerprints mean? I found this thread because i was facing the exact same issue. thanks in advance!

Fingerprints are the Model and Manufacturer’s Code for Z-Wave and ZigBee devices.

You can find it in the Advanced Users section of My.SmartThings.com or the API Browser+.

Thank you for answering. So if i have found the model and manufacturer code for my aqara zigbee device, how do i get @Mariano_Colmenarejo to add the fingerprints to his driver?

This might help. It explains about fingerprints and a lot more information You might need about the new architecture. The discussion of fingerprints is in section 8.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)


Post the fingerprints with his tag and ask him if he can add them. Note, they many not work with his driver. He is very helpful.


Thank you!

@Mariano_Colmenarejo hello sir! could you please help with adding these finger prints to your driver? I’m trying to use your multi switch and child drivers (:slight_smile:

Mfg Name SmartThingsCommunity
Mfg Code LUMI
Model lumi.switch.l2aeu1
ocf Type oic.d.switch
Category Switch

Hi @mukuwaki

I take note to do it in the month of August, until then I do not have access to the CLI or a pc

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Hello @Mariano_Colmenarejo would you be kind enough to add this fingerprint to your multi switch and child drivers as well please.

Mfg Name SmartThingsCommunity
Mfg Code LUMI
Model lumi.switch.l3acn3
ocf Type oic.d.switch

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2023-08-02T16:52:37.764139011        
- id: "LUMI/switch.l3aeu3"
    deviceLabel: LUMI Three Switch
    manufacturer: LUMI
    model: lumi.switch.l3acn3
    deviceProfileName: three-switch
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Thanks a lot, it works!

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo , sorry to hijack this thread , but could you please add the following device as well?

Manufacturer Name: Smart things Community
Manufacturer Code: TUYATEC-nzrrvgco
Model: TS0012

Hi @Crazynash

Added to this driver version

You need install this driver version in your hub
uninstall device and reinstall device

You do not perform a driver change

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2024-06-04T21:25:29.32752037
- id: "TS0012/TUYATEC-nzrrvgco"
    deviceLabel: Two Switch
    manufacturer: TUYATEC-nzrrvgco
    model: TS0012
    deviceProfileName: two-switch
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