Zen Thermostat Questions

Hi Zen Users… Two Quick Questions about a Zen Thermostat I installed and paired with my Smart Things Hub.

  1. The “A” Light Never comes on even in Auto Mode. I am not even sure where on the display it is since I have never seen it. Has anyone else had this problem and have a fix for it?

  2. When I go to adjust the Temperature, sometimes it adjust in 10th’s of a point. The Ambient Temperature is always a two-digit number by my adjustment temperature reads 71.2 or 72.3, etc…
    Anyone else seen this or have a fix for it?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

1, auto is disabled by default by Zen. Advanced config settings with their code can enable it but not sure if the official DTH has support for auto mode.

  1. yeah, this is how the DTH developer decided to handle temp and is a bug, file a support ticket and see if it can get prioritized as a fix.

When I set up the Thermostat, it asked me for the Config Code which matched my setup. In my case it was “11B”. I use Five wires which includes the C, Rc, W, Y, and G Wires. I also have a Gas Heater. I was given the code “11B” to enter.

Is there another config code I should have entered to enable the “A” Light and Auto Mode to work properly?

Thanks again for all the help!


No, auto mode isn’t officially supported in the deviceType. If you want to enable it you have to do their “advanced” setup and look for the auto mode setting and add that to your prefs config.

Mine seems to sometimes get in that adjustment of a tenth of a degree sometimes, then other times it goes to the full degree. I know the Zen does use a range of 1.5 degrees of your target and won’t kick on the furnace or A/C if it’s within that range.

How do I get to that Advanced Config Menu. Is that a Zen Config or a Smart Things Config? Do I have to access that from the computer or can it be accessed from my iPhone?

You have to pull the thermost off the wall and hit the config button on the back then you need to see zen website to get the settings to enter into the thermostat.