Zen Thermostat controls not working

Just an FYI, after working the issue for a few days with the Zen support team, come to find out there is a SmartThings issue with Zen thermostats.
My issue is the current room temperature is incorrect- showing 99 degrees in a room that’s about 68. Changing the temp setting on the thermostat is overwritten by the apps setting. Obviously since the room temp reading is so high, I don’t have the option of turning on the heat. Have a few more days for that here on the east coast though.

I think a ‘workaround’ for this would be to remove the thermostat from SmartThings… more to come.

ST is working this issue based on email reply.

Anyone else experiencing Zen issues?

Yes, almost same issue. Ever since ST update the app won’t allow temperate adjustments. Sometimes the graphic will change back to old version and allow me to change, but that’s only happened 3 times. Any help would be appreciated. I reported to help desk at ST and got the usual they are looking into it.

I am having the exact same issue. Is there any resolution to this yet?
I guess my smart thermostat is now a manual thermostat, or at least I hope the manual setting still works.

I haven’t seen an update, nor a notification from Support of this issue to the group. I believe the only ‘workaround’ is to remove the thermostat from the smartthings app, by removing from the network. Heating season is right around the corner, and there isn’t much time left before dropping from the network if a fix isnt available…

My Zen stopped connecting to my Smartthings Hub. I removed the Zen from Smartthings to re-add but now I cannot get it to show up as a device to add. Is this a Smartthings issue or Zen?

Sounds like the issue I am having with the Xfinity system. I am able to adjust the setting, but the unit does not respond to turn on to heat.

I’m having troubles again with the same thermostat. The room temp reading is much higher than the actual room temp. I have to turn the thermostat up well beyond the room temp reading to get the heat to turn on. Zen had be do a factory reset, still no go. And looks like I’m going to have trouble getting a replacement, and it’s only a little more than a year old.