[UPDATED] Zen Thermostat with Auto mode

The Zen Thermostat as it ships from the factory has modes Off, Heat, and Cool. The published device handler for it supports only those three modes. However, the thermostat has Advanced Settings available through which it may also have Auto mode. See these instructions at the Zen website to set this.

If you want to use Auto mode with your Zen Thermostat you need to use a modified device handler (see below). You would install this in your IDE / My Device Handlers, New Device Handler, From Code, paste the code from Github, then Create, then Publish for me. Then use the IDE to edit the device of your Zen Thermostat to be My Zen Thermostat instead of what it is now; click Update.

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I spoke with Zen’s amazing customer service concerning the thermostat’s auto feature. They were also kind enough to explain how to manually adjust the temperature difference between the cooling and heating set points. I found this extremely useful so I thought I’d pass it along.

1. Remove the device from the wall and press the CONFIG button five times to enter the advanced menu screen.

2. Once you are in the advanced menu, navigate using the right arrow until you see VN appear.
You can change this code to VY, by pressing up or down, and then by pressing the center of the device to confirm. The thermostat should blink to confirm your selection.

3. Continue to navigate until you see W7. Note it could also read W and another number. This number is the temperature difference between the cooling set point and the heating set point.

4. Adjust up and down according to what you would like that difference in set point to be. Press the center of the device to confirm, and your thermostat should once again blink to confirm your selection.

5. Return your thermostat to the wall and your adjustment will be saved to the device.


@nufegiyq just to make sure I’m reading this right, what your saying is this will allow one to offset the current temperature? Only cause I’ve been going crazy looking for an answer.
Also, something else I notice, do you ever have one of your Zen thermostats receive two setpoints? Say you have it programmed to go to 65, at the time it will, but almost a minute later choose a different setpoint, say 72, that’s programmed for another time.


@Cattango18, At the time of my original post the number that was entered during step 3 was a threshold the thermostat would use to reference when you wanted the heater or air to be turned on.

For example:

  • The W setting in step 3 is set to W5

  • After following all the steps from my post above, set the ZEN to AUTO and specify a temperature of 70 degrees

  • The ZEN will turn on the heater automatically when the temperature drops below 65 degrees and turn on the air when a temperature rises above 75 degrees.

Quick Tip
There has since been a firmware update to the ZEN that allows a simpler way of setting up the AUTO function. Last I spoke with them they were working on a delivery system with SmartThings. I recommend you contact ZEN. They have very responsive email correspondence.

Thanks for the device handler. I’ve added per your instructions, but still do not see the ability to set the system to Auto in the app. I have also gone into the device itself and set it to Auto per the post by nufegiyq.
Is there a delay in the look of the app changing as mine still looks like the original app interface?
What have I not done correct?
Is it because my routines set heating to 20c and cooling to 22c (but I set the Zen to W4)?