Zen Thermostat and SmartThings

Hey SmartThings Community,
I’m writing because I’ve noticed some unusual things with my Zen Thermostat within the SmartThings app. Let me upload a screenshot of what I see so I’m clear on my problems.
Apparently because I’m still a new user I can’t upload it so here is a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzc2MzzgQerbMjlDQUQ3WHpGWnM/view?usp=sharing

So here is what is happening. I’m going to make assumptions, but that’s all I have to go off of.

  1. The Blue Box at the top will not change. I’m going to assume it is to tell what the temperature is currently reading on the thermostat. The Gray box will change if I press the up or down arrows, so I’m going to make another assumption and say that tells me what the temperature is set to. Sometimes the gray box will just read null, I’m not too sure why this happens, but it does.
  2. When I tap configure, it does literally nothing. does this happen for anybody else?

If yall are having these same issues let me know! If you have workarounds for them I’d love you even more.

Thanks in advance.

Zen is a officially supported device, you might want to send an email to support. support@smartthings.com

This sends the “configuration” command to the thermostat. It’s not supposed to pull up a menu.

I’d recommend first removing and re-adding the thermostat to SmartThings. If that doesn’t fix the issue please contact support@smartthings.com.


  1. Yes, the Blue Box is supposed to show the current ambient temperature detected by the sensor in the Zen Thermostat. Tapping on the face of the thermostat also displays the current ambient temperature, so perhaps you can try that to see if the thermostat is accurately detecting temperature. When you do this, is the network icon below the temperature on the face of the thermostat flashing or solid? It will be solid when you’re connected to your network.

The larger Gray Box is the setpoint temperature for the current mode (heat/cool)

  1. According to email I received from Zen Thermostat, the Configure button “does not provide any functionality.”

When the thermostat mode is set to off, the set point tile reads “–”, this makes sense given that you have a heating and a cooling set point.

Hey Dama,
Today my app was reading null for the temperature setting, and there’s just 2 dashes where the ambient temperature is supposed to be, but that is nothing new. The current temperature setting reading comes and goes, sometimes it’s null sometimes it isn’t.

It acts like it connects to the network, as the network icon is consistently on. I think they may not be talking to each other well.

Currently I have all 4 batteries out of the thermostat, the thermostat removed from smartthings, and the smartthings app is updating. Once it finishes updating I’m going to re-add the thermostat and see what happens.

Crosses fingers

I have officially given up on SmartThings and the Zen Thermostat talking to each other ever. I did a factory reset on the thermostat, I have reinstalled the Thermostat to SmartThings numerous times, but they just won’t talk to each other, no matter how close or far away my SmartThings Hub is.

I’m going to email the Zen people and see what they have to say about it. It has another issue with it physically (with these things called the links, they just won’t work the way they should), so I’m betting I’m going to have to RMA it.

What a disappointing day. This is Thermostat number 2 I’ve got specifically for SmartThings connectivity that just won’t work.

Were you having these issues before your SmartThings App update? Note the software has updated a couple times over the past week.

Sounds frustrating. Hopefully it’s just a faulty unit. Mine didn’t present any difficulties with pairing or initial setup. I haven’t tried using it since then, as I only have a furnace and it’s summer.

The app has been updated to the most recent version available.

If I hear back from Zen I’ll let you know. It really is.

Because the links aren’t working right, I have to move my red wire from the “Rc” and “Rh” terminals depending on if I want my heater or my AC unit to run. Very interesting issue.

I’m having the exact same issue and have done every step possible in troubleshooting; did you ever get this figured out or did you end up returning the thermostats? I am likely going to return mine if I can’t get it working within 30 days.

I was never able to get it functioning normally. I’ve just been dealing with it as I haven’t had the time to work on it. I’m planning on reaching out to the people who make the thermostat and seeing if I can RMA it for a new one, hopefully the new one will work better.

I actually bought a second Thermostat but it has the same issues; no matter how many times I remove and re-add them, the temp values are always null, even on the smart things web api. I submitted support requests to both smart things and zen; I’ll let you know if it gets fixed.

Anyone here experiencing a double Setpoint issue with their Zen Thermostats? Suppose to be 72 in the morning, but then changes to a Setpoint for another time.

Also, how do you go about offsetting the Zens temperature to adjust it for what the real temperature is in the house? Feel that it’s off by a few degrees.

Its in the Advanced Setting Option. See back of unit for how to get there.