Zen Thermostat Issue: Wrong Setpoints

I have my Zen set to auto mode with a 4 degree offset. If I adjust the temp manually it works correctly (example: set to 74 it will have a heating temp of 72 and a cooling temp of 76). When adjusted manually these setpoints also show up correctly in the ST app and on my Home Hub.

However, if I change the temp by using the app or by using Google Assistant then the offset widens to 7 degrees. (example: set to 74 it will have a heating temp of 71 and a cooling temp of 78).

Can someone explain why this happens with the default device handler? There is a custom handler that works correctly but it is outdated and doesn’t have a UI in the new ST app. ST is big enough that they should have proper devices handlers for all devices the are officially supported. Also, you’ll notice the blank drop down bar above the temp in the app, that doesn’t even list “auto” as an option, it has to be set manually.

Anyone else noticing this? Is there any way to have ST staff fix the device handler since it isn’t possible to edit the official DH?

Hoping this gets some kind of response, the Zen thermostat has been listed as compatible for a long time but has an outdated device handler. It doesn’t work correctly with auto mode and doesn’t even have a auto mode setting in the app UI , it also doesn’t work correctly with google assistant (although it does get a UI on the Homehub which shows the incorrect heat and cool setpoints)

The problem is the Zen has Heat/Cool/and Auto modes but the current device handler doesn’t handle Auto mode or the temp offset that can be manually set in the thermostat itself.

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@Jonathan_McGuire, thanks for the report. I’ve logged an internal ticket to look into the problem.

@tpmanley thank you. There is a community device handler that supports auto mode but it hasn’t been updated with a ui for the new app (but may help in implementing auto).

Other than making auto mode an option the only issue is that neither device handler respected the user defined auto temp offset, this is set in the thermostat advanced configuration, even if it isn’t added as an option to set up in the app it should be respected by polling the device.