Zemismart VS Aqara Wall Switch

I am comparing 2 brands of wall switch for compatability with Smartthings in.
Can anyone give me feedback on this 2 brands based on your experience?

Are both of then has DTH available?
Both brand has 1 gang, 2 gangs, 3 gangs model are all compatible?

The product I comaring are.
Aqara Smart Wall Switch D1

Zemismart New Design Zigbee 3.0 Push Light Switch

Installed the 3 gang Zemismart New Design Zigbee 3.0 Push Light Switch yesterday. Tried different device handlers and had trouble with the child switches. Then I found a device handler from Zemismart which I installed. The switch works great with that device handler. The switch fits well in a typical US single gang box.

Can you share the link to the DTH from Zegmismart?

I have just order Aqara 1 and 2 gang switches to test out.
I think I will try order Zigmesmart to compare.

The link is: https://github.com/zemismart/zigbee/blob/master/zemismart%20zigbee%20switch%20DTH%20(touch).groovy