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Anyone Test the Zemismart 3-Button Smart Zigbee Switch?

(Saif Alharrasi) #1

I got this smart switch (Zigbee) in aliexpress…

So, Are there any anyone test it? Or has any idea about this smart switch??



There are some community members who have used some zemismart devices, but not the three button that I know of. It would probably require custom code.

The RGBW down light Has to be connected via hue bridge.

The single button smart switch works just fine directly connected to SmartThings using the standard zigbee switch DTH.

But the three gang would require multi endpoint management, so again, it would probably require custom code.

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(Saif Alharrasi) #3

thank you very much for you reply.
I will try to search about code for 3 gang.

Are there any other options for zigbee wall switch compatible ST?
(Except Xiaomi)

(William Zmlink) #4

hi i have the code for 3 gang light switch for zemismart

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(Saif Alharrasi) #5

great bro @william_Zmlink
Can you give us that code


(Saif Alharrasi) #6

I got this link display how to connect 3 gang zemismart to SmartThings hub.

Connect 3 gang zemismart wall switch

(Jiramot) #7

Could you please send me a code

(William Zmlink) #8

pls add my whatsapp: +8613929451220