Remote wall swtiches that 100% work with the new app without device handlers palaver (UK)

I am sick and tired of Aqara switches and devices now. They just all stop working and there is nothing you can do to revive them. Example, I have been able to add 2 remote switches on button with a lot of difficulty to the new app, they first dont work and I have to enable the correct device handlers in online Smartthings IDE panel.

They stop working after a few hours. There are no zigbee repeaters and I always pair them super close to the hub.

Anyway, I am thinking I should go with switches and buttons officially supported in the app where you select the vendors.

Can anyone please recommend switches that are like the awara range but will work for sure? Anything that doesnt break the bank? I am in the UK

Nothing works 100% with smartthings, the platform itself doesn’t have perfect stability. (Just check the official status page.)

  1. That said, if all you want is ease of installation, the TKB home single gang devices are Z wave switches which should work straight out of the box. ( not the double gang, those might require a custom DTH.)

Vesternet sells these and their tech-support should be able to answer any wiring questions.

You can get other faceplates for them if you want something in a different colour.

  1. Neo Coolcam zwave single gang switch should also work out of the box.

Their two gang might also work, but I’m not sure about that one.

Those are the simplest ones I know That will not require an additional DTH. someone else may have some additional suggestions.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your response. I was ideally looking for buttons and not actually electrical switches. I have electrical switches already installed but because they are behind doors, so I basically put buttons everywhere.

Aqara does smaller size buttons and remote switches (which are also buttons) that can just stick on to walls.

For buttons, you’re always going to have to sometimes press more than once, because battery powered devices might be “asleep“ if you haven’t used them for a while.

Smartthings buttons are popular. You will probably have to wait for the new Aeotec version to come out.

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