Aqara Z1 Pro wired wall switch (supports both neutral and no neutral configurations)

Anyone seen or even tried a Aqara z1 pro with SmartThings yet?
Looks a nice device, I wonder how deep it protrudes into the mount box, lots of manufacturers quote the total depth including the bit that’s proud from the wall.
Still hoping for a reliable smart 2 gang switch that fits a 25mm back box

I’m guessing that’s a no then. :grin:

This blogger tried it with SmartThings, but straight out of the box only the first button works. So it would definitely need a custom edge driver and doesn’t look like anybody has written one yet.

It’s certainly a nice looking device. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, yeah I’d seen that video, it’s where I first spotted the switch. Was hoping someone on here had explored further or that it was covered by a custom edge driver. Also curious to know the depth of the protrusion into the mount box. A lot of manufacturers only state the depth of the whole units which includes the bit of the switch sitting out from the wall. I’m quite constrained by the depth of my wall back boxes so ever mm counts and a lot of switches just won’t fit without drilling a deeper cavity, not something I’d want to do,

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