ZB3002 Enbrigthten Dimmer Switch goes straignt to off when dimming/ Expected Behavior?

Question for anyone who has one of these dimmer.
ZB3002 Enbrigthten Dimmer Switch.

  1. I assume that these are the same as the GE?

Question: Dimming down goes to straight off?

So if you hold the down paddle, it dims and then goes straight to off.

All my other brand of dimmers as you hold it dims down but does not go off.

Can anyone comment on this?

As far as coomunication to the hub they are crazy fast. But the fact that they are hard to dim from the actual paddle seems to be a problem. And I think I will return

The GE enbrighten Zigbee line are indeed made by Jasco, if that’s what you’re asking. Same as the GE branded Z wave devices.

However, they do not offer the same fade rate parameters that the Z wave devices do.

A couple of years ago people were playing around with a custom DTH for the zigbee versions to try to adjust fade rate, but I don’t know if it will work with the specific model that you have. Here’s that discussion:

Thanks! From the thread it seems that is how they work.

At first I thought that I must have installed a switch instead of a dimmer. Lol

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