Changing Speed of GE Dimmer Switch

I have a GE Dimmer Switch. Most SmartApps I have tried dim the lights slowly up when it is turned on when triggered by my motion detector. But, if I set it up to turn on within the DashBoard and set it to 100%, somehow the light turns on almost as if its a on/off switch. Within the DashBoard, if I don’t give it a value for dimming, it slowly turns on to 100%.

So, my question is, there must be a command within the Dashboiard code that I could duplicate within SmartApps. Anyone have a clue how to due what the DashBoard does with dimming?

<< Edit >> Found the code. Thanks.

Thought I would chime in here on something related, rather than creating a new topic: When I manually try to use the dimming slider in the z-wave dimmer Thing, dimming is not very granular. It seems quite like I get 3 levels: full, 60%, and 10%. I slide and slide from 100 down, and then suddenly bang it hits 60. Keep sliding, no dim no dim no dim… and then BANG 10%.

Anyone else seeing this?

What bulbs are you using? Incandescents have a good range for me, but everything else is more step based.

I’m using Lowes Utilitech brand 9 watt LED cans #0403328, five of them on one switch. They’re rated as dimmable, and notably, they DON’T step so hard when I manually dim them with the switch.

Can you link me to where you found the code please? Thanks.

can someone post the code? when i turn my switch off it dims lights before turning off.

I have the GE Smart Dimmer 12724

When I turn it on/off with the switch on the wall its slow to turn on and slower off. The switch is just turning on a real outlet hook to a lamp (non-zwave). Does this switch still use ST even when using the switch on the wall without the app? I don’t know why it so slow. Does anyone know if theres a way to speed it up?
Thanks for any help