Dimming my lights with GE-Z Wave Smart Dimmer 12724 issue

I just purchased a GE-Z Wave Smart Dimmer Model 12724. It’s working great except for one issue. When I dim the lights with the smartthings app it doesn’t smoothly dim them. It just jumps straight to the desired level. When I turn them on and off they dim on and off smoothly though. It’s only when using the app and sliding my finger from 100% to 50% that it won’t dim smoothly. My hue lights dim smoothly when using the smartthings app. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks.

FWIW, my GE dimmers do the same thing.

Thanks for the reply. Is that just the way they work or is that a smartthings issue?

I’m sure a smart app could be written to replace light function to fade to the level selected. This is totally possible logically.

In code you just transition from level x to level y increase/decrease by z for each step. Even the smartthings folks could incorporate that though I bet in the “premium” version.

I just saw that on the camera recording options. “Beta, enjoy it free for now.” It made me want to puke after spending some $$$ on this stuff and just getting in and then seeing how they want a monthly stipend.

The basic device handler for a smart dimmer switch is very basic.

You can get what you are looking for by loading this custom device handler version by @desertblade that allows you to adjust Dimmer ramp rates in your GE dimmers.

If you are new to loading custom smartapps and device handlers see this FAQ by @JDRoberts

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Working with the device handler above I can tell you that is the way the GE Switches work when you set dim level, it jumps right to it.

I am re-working the above DH handler and this is on my wishlist, just haven’t figured it out yet. I have been focusing on adding the ability to jump to a specific level through switch presses.

In theory this could work, but would be slow. You have to wait about a second for each command to be sent and processed by the switch.

Ran through some experiments and it appears that the changing dimmers does step if you make a big enough jump, although it is very quick (500ms?)

I think I have a solution to to extend it some, need to play around with it some but will be in the upcoming release of a GE/Jasco specific device handler I am working on.


Awesome man. I hadn’t really considered the “cloud” aspect of this thing. I was really thinking of the logic. Hopefully it works out

Even the switch has a delay. It takes the switch about 500ms to process a command. You can tweak it lower, but when sending a bunch of commands it backs up and they get dropped.

Not sure if I can adjust the dim rate when jumping to a level. I swear there is a slight fade to effect, but that could just be how my LEDs are accepting the change.

I hope to release an updated DH this weekend, just need to figure out if button presses to set level is reliable enough.

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@desertblade Thanks for all the info. Let me know when you get a chance to update your handler and I’ll try it out!

Handler did not work out like I hoped. Taking a week off to think about it. The current one is still good for adjusting timing.

For what it’s worth, up until today, I’ve had about 11 of these dimmers in my home, and they all dim smoothly when using the app. I just setup another 4 today, and two of them jump directly to the desired luminance setting, and the other two dim smoothly, just like the others.

One thing that I noticed is that when I had set them up previously, the device type was set automatically as “Dimmer Switch”, and today they were found as “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic”.

Any updates on this? I’ve tried the enhanced DH by desertblade, but it only seems to slow the responsiveness of the switch when operated via ST. No apparent change in the transition between levels regardless of settings. Am I missing something, or is this currently only effective in adjusting the on/off ramps (but NOT fade between levels)?

The later GE Zwave dimmers do not slowly adjust between dim levels. Here is a thread about it:

Ugh. Thanks for the link and update. Guess it’s time to (a) pursue getting a rebate, and (b) finding alternative dimmers that don’t look dramatically different from the GE switches I’ve already installed. What an absurd decision. Wonder what executive got an extra ¢39 in their paycheck for that one.

I am guessing its more complicated than that. Probably something to future proof the switch that broke that functionality.

I lucked out and I believe most mine do work with the dim states.

Here is a review of the best smart dimmers:

has there been any change with the GE dimmers? or a working device handler?

I can’t believe the new GE switches don’t support smooth dimming via apps or voice. I guess I need to stop making assumptions when I buy stuff and research more. At least I got them cheap. What a bummer. When my Echo or smartthings app sets a dim level and it jumps instantly it is jarring. What a silly thing to skip in the product (especially given that the older versions did it). Sad!

Hey all, I realize that this a bit of an old thread, but I’m wondering if anyone knows how to tell if their GE/Jasco dimmers are Ver. 3.0D or 3.0E without having to take them out of the wall. I’ve got a bunch of them that I bought at different times and don’t want to have to pull them all out if I don’t have to.

I can pull the raw description off the device from Smartthings device listing, such as:
zw:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3031 ver:3.37 zwv:3.67 lib:06 cc:26,27,73,70,86,72,77

But I have no idea whether ver: 3.37 or any of the identifiers after that correspond to 3.0D vs. 3.0E etc?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to use some of the enhanced device handlers that many of you good folks created and tested in order to reduce the fade on and fade off times, but am having no luck.

Thanks in advance!


I have a VER 3.0e as printed on the back of the device and this is what it shows in the IDE as of today, seems to match yours:
zw:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3031 ver:3.37 zwv:3.67 lib:06 cc:26,27,73,70,86,72,77