Z Wave utilities not working

I’m trying to exclude a device in preparation for the great transition, I choose Z wave exclusion and the app immediately shows a spinning wheel and ‘processing’ and stays there! I’ve rebooted the hub and deleted the app and reinstalled but the same thing happens. This happens whether I use the devices exclusion sequence or not. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

another option - Check to see if the z-wave exclusion in IDE works.

I see the same issue in the app. Processing with spinning wheel.

also report the issue to ST support.

It appears to have excluded the device without anything apparently happening. Now Home Monitor settings not available ‘There was a problem connecting.Try again later’
ST support here I come.

this morning at 0700+ on east coast USA I had a bunch of automation failures that suggested AWS cloud outage.

Still somewhat impaired at 1200+. Sometimes there is nothing to do, I am ignoring it for now.