Cannot re include Z-Wave Devices

(Adam V) #1

As well as the general issues this weekend I am now have a very specific issue that I need to resolve:

It appears to be impossible to re add a z wave device that was previously in the network.

I have a few z wave devices, that during the outage yesterday I excluded to try and narrow down the issue.

Now, it is impossible to re-include them… The hub refuses to include them… but will include brand new devices. It is as if there is still a record of these devices in the hub so it is ignoring them… what can I do?

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(Tim Slagle) #2

Did you try a Z-Wave exclusion?

(Adam V) #3

I did this with two devices… the first I excluded properly,… the second I just deleted and then reset the device… however both are impossible to connect to the hub now…

Also, I dont know if this is related but the hub is flashing green even when I am not in inclusion mode

Also, I think a random z wave device has been forgotten as its not showing up in my devices list anymore (and this one I did not reset or exclude)

(Adam V) #4

Also the hub is ignoring commands from devices that are otherwise fine

I have Z wave switches all over my house and the hub is not registering any actions performed on a selection of the… Nothing has changed about these switches

(Adam V) #5

Its stopped flashing green now so I’m trying a z wave repair… I doubt it will make much difference as most of the devices that are not working are battery operated

(Adam V) #6

The z-wave repair was still spinning after 25min so i cut the power

Basically My whole home is not functioning anymore and there seems to be no clear way to resolve this.

I need some help from Smartthings asap

(llcanada) #7

@AdamV Good luck with the help from support ASAP as I’ve been without Zwave for over two weeks and no help.

(Peter Richardson) #8

I had what seems to be the same issue - after the Zwave repair I had noticed the zwave radio was not detected and was no longer functional.As the whole house was no longer operating I ended up with a replacement hub.

Have you looked at the IDE hub data section on the status of Zwave radio?

I hope you have more success than I did - I am suspicious that something happened following an electrical storm - but cant be sure I didn’t do something dumb when I was trying to exclude non functional devices and do a zwave rebuild.

There’s another discussion on this:

(sorry - there must be a better way of linking the two topics)


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. There are some things you can do right now if you want to. I realize you may just want to wait for support.

One) go to the iDE, choose hubs, and look at the description of the zwave radio.

Obviously, your region should be different, but otherwise the values should be the same as this:

If “Z wave radio” detected, enabled, or functional are not “true” you have a problem that only support can help you solve.

If zwave SUCID is not “01” you need new zwave firmware.

So there’s not much you can do about any of that, but if you do see those issues, at least you’ll know there’s nothing you can do until support gets involved so you might at least save some time and aggravation.

  1. if everything from the above looks OK, if you have a minimote, or any other Z wave controller besides the SmartThings hub, you can use that to exclude individual devices. Duncan’s usual advice is to start with the Device most recently added, but since you had to stop the zwave repair in the middle of running, unfortunately, any device may have a corrupted address table. So it’s a little difficult to know where to start, but at least you could go ahead and exclude anything that you know has a problem. Since you’re likely to have to do that in the future anyway.

Three) I realize the odds of you having the necessary device for this third step are small or you would’ve done this already, but I did just want to mention it. If you have or can borrow an Aeon USB zwave controller stick and the values in step one above were OK, you could add the stick to the SmartThings hub as a secondary controller, and then use the stick’s utilities to map your zwave network. At least that way you could identify both ghost devices and individual devices with corrupted tables and start excluding them. This method is less work than four) below, but it’s also less precise.

This is one of the situations with the fact that SmartThings does not support controller replication can actually be helpful, because the less data is passed over from one controller to the other, the less likely it is that corrupted data will be passed.

  1. Another alternative here is to exclude every zwave device from SmartThings, add it to the stick as a primary controller, and run a zwave repair from the stick. I realize that’s a huge amount of work. You could add just two devices at a time and work as you go. Always let the zwave repair run until it’s finished, another good reason for only adding a few devices at a time. You can even add two devices, run the repair, and then exclude those two devices again. That will keep each future repair very short. The point is just that you will have much better diagnostic tools to identify any individual bad device.


I would definitely do one) above. It’s just looking at your account on the web. And it could give you a lot of information if you do have a bad radio.

  1. could be worth doing if you have added any new Z wave devices in the last week or so. Just exclude the new ones and see if that helps.

  2. and 4) are both a lot of work, very technical, and still might not solve the problem. But you might get a lot of information that you won’t get any other way. So it’s really a mafter of how much of your own troubleshooting you want to do. The problem is that unless you can identify an individual bad device, they still isn’t going to be any solution that won’t require help from SmartThings support.

I wish I had an easy answer, but unfortunately I don’t think there is one.

(Peter Richardson) #10

Thank you so much. As always, your replies are amazingly helpful.

My zwaveRadioDetected was showing false and zwaveFunctional was false. Does this indicate a hardware problem and could the electrical storm that knocked out power for a few minutes have damaged the radio while the rest of the hub functioned?

Just wondered if this was in some way more sensitive to electrical surges?

By the way, when I had to go through reinstalling all the devices the minimote was the only way I found that would exclude the devices reliably - maintained my sanity as I spend a day rebuilding the network.

Again thank you!


Yes that could happen. It’s not that the zwave radio is more sensitive than any other electrical part in the hub, it’s just one of those random things. For example, if you have a laptop connected to mains and there’s a power surge, it could burn out the fan in the laptop, it could affect the processor, it could affect the screen. It just depends on exactly what was happening inside the device at the time of the surge.

It could also just be that part failing and not have anything to do with the surge at all. It happens.

The two “false” values you mentioned could indicate a hardware problem, or could be a firmware problem… I don’t know exactly what SmartThings is reporting there. But it will be something that support will have to look at for you.

(Peter Richardson) #12

I’ll continue to wait on more updates from support. They were great first line but its been passed over to the developers and I sense they may have more important matters than why my hub failed.


@slagle can you help on this? Since the IDE is showing that the Z wave radio in the hub is inoperable, this likely needs escalating.

(Tim Slagle) #14

PM me the support ticket

(Adam V) #15

I still cant re include old devices… this means that if I ever need to reset a device for whatever reason… I have to buy a new one…

(Duncan) #16

Did you try excluding them again, by going to Locations Settings > Hub > Z-Wave Utilities > General Device Exclusion

The one you didn’t exclude properly definitely won’t be able to be included again until you do this, unless it’s a Z-Wave Plus device with a reset capability.

(Adam V) #17

I’ve tried that as well

both devices are z wave plus

(Duncan) #18

What’s the result? Do you see them excluded on the exclusion screen?


What’s the SUCID in the zwave attributes in the IDE?

(Adam V) #20

nope - the exclusion spinner just keeps spinning… its as if it cannot see the devices to add or to exclude